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The Easiest Way To Turn Photos To Art

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What if we told you that you can transform your photography into beautiful works of art, whether you’ve got an artistic bone in your body or not? With BeFunky’s Artsy effects, you can do it all in a single click! From watercolor and oil paintings to detailed sketches, cartoons, pop art, and more, you can let your inner artist shine with the click of your mouse. All it takes is a great photo and the magic of our Artsy effects!

cartoonizer by BeFunky
joshua tree



This is one of those cases where it doesn’t just sound too good to be true, it actually is true. We here at BeFunky have been developing our Artsy effects for over a decade, building them entirely from scratch to work like pure magic. Nowadays we’ve built an entire library of Artsy effects for you to transform your photos to art. Here are some of the brilliant things you can do with them:

Go From Photo To Cartoon

Our Cartoonizer was the very first Artsy effect we created, and it stands the true test of time. It remains our most popular effect to date, and we now have an entire category full of different Cartoonizer effects! Each one will help you turn everyday photos into cartoons in seconds.

photo to cartoon effects by BeFunky
photo to art effects by befunky



Whether you’re going for an A Scanner Darkly look or you want to turn a series of photos into a comic strip, the Cartoonizer effects are for you.

Go From Photo To Painting

We’re big fans of many different painting styles over here, so we’ve developed Artsy effects to suit whatever painterly look you could want. There are entire categories of photo to painting effects available in our Artsy tab, and here are some of our very favorites:

Oil Painting

Whether you’ve always wanted to paint like Leonardo da Vinci or not, these effects will transform your images into vibrant oil paintings that look so realistic, you’ll pinch yourself.

photo to painting effects in BeFunky
golden gate bridge



From the brushstroke detail to the pops of color, the Oil Painting effects will make it look like you actually picked up a paintbrush.  


If watercolor paintings are more your style, you’ll love the way our Watercolor effects bring out the details of your photos and morph them into a masterpiece, all in a single click.

photo to watercolor painting filter by BeFunky



There's a whole world of Watercolor effects in our Artsy tab, each of which will highlight a different color spectrum, so you can get a variety of watercolor looks and techniques, digitally.


In the art world, underpainting is a technique used to lay the foundation for an artist’s masterpiece, usually by outlining or painting a base layer in a monochromatic color. They then layer more colors on top of the “underpainting” to create a subject. BeFunky’s Underpainting effects work in a similar way - they define the colors in your photo and add a painting-like texture to give the appearance of more depth.

photo to art effects underpainting by BeFunky



These Underpainting effects add visual dimension to your photos by making them look as though they have an “underpainted” base, all with the click of your mouse.


Impressionist painters like Van Gogh and Monet composed their paintings of big, bold brushstrokes and palette knife swipes to create their art. If you look at an impressionist painting from afar, the colors blend together to form one detailed scene, but if you get close to the canvas, you’ll see that the composition is made up of a series of colorful dots and brushstrokes. Pretty darn cool!

photo to impressionist painting effects by BeFunky



Even if you wouldn’t know where to begin when it comes to composing a real-life piece of impressionist art, you can mimic the look with our Impressionist effects! Each effect in the Impressionist category will break up your image into a series of brushstrokes and pops of color to look just like you painted it that way all along. The coolest thing is, you can even customize the size and length of the brushstokes and other details to really customize your Impressionist effects to perfection!

Go From Photo To Sketch

Instead of spending hours making a detailed sketch of a scene, why not take a photo let our Sketcher effects do all the hard work for you? These effects are so smart, they’ll sense the edges and important details of your images and transform them into sketched renditions in seconds.

photo to sketch effects by BeFunky
colliseum in rome



With our Sketcher effects, you’re not just limited to a black and white color palette - you have total control over the color of the sketch lines and the background color of your 2D work of art.

Go From Photo To Digital Art

Our most recent addition to our Artsy effects are our Deluxe Edition Digital Art Effects. These include remastered editions of our most popular effects like Cartoonizer, Watercolor, and Oil Painting, as well as some brand new effects that will make your photos look like vibrant Pop Art, brilliant Ink Washes, straight from the pages of a Graphic Novel, and more!

how to turn photos to cartoon in beFunky



We spare no details when it comes to our Artsy effects, giving you the ability to customize each one to your heart’s content and unleash your inner artist. You won’t find anything as customizable or easy-to-use on the web, and we’re sure the Artsy tab in our online Photo Editor is going to become a familiar favorite (if it’s not already!). We’ll show you how to go from photo to art in a single click, then use the Settings menu (every effect has one!) to get a totally custom look.

How To Turn Photos To Art In BeFunky

When you’ve got an image in mind, upload it into BeFunky’s Photo Editor using the Open tab at the top, or dragging-and-dropping the image right into the interface. Click on the Artsy tab in the menu on the left (the icon with four circles) and get ready to have some fun!

artsy effects by BeFunky Photo Editor

You’ll notice that there are many different categories of Artsy effects to choose from, and each category is home to several effects. Spend some time opening the categories and clicking on the different effects to see what kind of look you want. When you find the perfect Artsy effect, you can use the slider to increase or decrease the amount. If you love it as-is, click the green checkmark to apply it.

photo to art effects by BeFunky

If you want to continue customizing your Artsy effect, click the Settings icon (looks like a mixing board) to see your options. Each Artsy effect will have its own Settings menu for you to customize the effect to perfection. In this particular case, the Settings menu for Cartoonizer DLX lets us adjust the Amount and Sharpness of the effect using the corresponding sliders.

turn photos to cartoons in BeFunky

You can even use each of the Artsy effects in Paint Mode (no pun intended!). Clicking on the Paint tab lets you apply the effect selectively to the areas of your image you want. This means you can Cartoonize a person or and leave the background realistic, make certain elements of your image look painterly, and more! After adjusting the Brush Size, Brush Hardness, and Brush Strength, click and drag with your mouse to remove the effect selectively, or click the Inverse icon (two overlapping squares) to paint the effect selectively.

how to turn photos to paintings in BeFunky

After you've made all the customizations you want and you're ready to apply the effect, click the blue checkmark. From here, you can save your photo or continue layering as many effects as you want! The sky is the limit with these things. 

photo to art filters in BeFunky

When you’re finished with your masterpiece, click the Save button at the top of the Photo Editor to save your work to your chosen destination. All that’s left to do is share your beautiful art on social media or print it out on some fancy paper (it makes for some great DIY art prints for home decor!).

Final Results

These Artsy effects are the fastest and easiest way to turn photos to art that actually looks like you actually know a thing or two about making art! Just look at how beautiful this artistic rendition of our photo turned out:  

digital art effects by BeFunky Photo Editor
woman with hat



Whatever artistic look you’re going for, BeFunky’s Artsy effects can make it happen, and the only thing that's required is a BeFunky Plus account! Whether you want to go from photo to cartoon, painting, sketch, or something beyond, you’ve got everything you need right in our Photo Editor. Click the link below to get started!

Go From Photo to Art in One Click

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