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Best Practices for Printing Photos in High Quality

By Melanie Doncas | Photo Editor Tutorials

We all love taking photos of our travels or time spent with family and friends, but the best way to celebrate those memories is to actually print and display them to enjoy for years to come. If the thought of printing your photos sends a little chill down your spine, you’re not alone. Many of us find preparing our photos for printing to be a super daunting task, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be!

Printing photos using BeFunky

We’re about to share everything you need to know about printing your favorite photos and making sure they’re high enough quality for displaying anywhere you choose. From our top printing tips to a step-by-step tutorial to help you get it right every time – keep reading to find out all of this and more!

Best Practices for Printing Photos

When printing your precious photos, there are a few things you should do to ensure you get them picture-perfect every time. Let’s delve into each of these below!

Always keep an unedited copy of your original file

Prior to printing your photo, you’ll want to edit it to make sure it’s looking its best. Before you do this, however, it’s important you keep an unedited version of your original photo. Think of it as a back-up copy in case something goes wrong or you go a little OTT during the editing process (we’ve all been there!).

Post-process your photo for perfection

Even professional photographers don’t get their photo looking on-point in the click of a camera button. Once you’ve decided which photos you wish to print, upload them into the Photo Editor to get them looking 10/10.

When it comes to post processing a photo to make it print-ready, we recommend adjusting the Sharpness so it’s crystal-clear, Straightening the image if it’s off-skew (particularly the horizon), adjusting the Brightness if it was captured in poor lighting, and perfecting the Color (including Hue, Saturation, and Temperature).

Crop the image to get the composition right and remove unwanted elements

Accidentally captured a random person or unwanted object in the corner of your photo? Or perhaps your photo’s subjects aren’t quite in the center? To fix your photo’s composition or cut out things that shouldn’t be there, you should use the Crop tool before printing. Just one click and ta-da! No one will ever know…

Match the dimensions of your image to the desired print output dimensions

A common mistake people make when printing their photos is to disregard their photo’s dimensions and assume it can perfectly be scaled-up or scaled-down to fit their desired print size – all without losing its quality or parts of the image altogether. Instead, you should always Resize your photo to match your desired print output dimensions.

Keep reading, because we’re actually going to show you how to do this the easy way using BeFunky’s Photo Editor!

Consider the right medium for printing

From paper and canvas, to fabric, specialized photo paper, and so much more. There are seemingly endless mediums on offer for you to print your photo on, but you’ll need to consider this before you reach the printing stage, as certain images will work better with certain finishes.

Matte paper, for example, is great for producing high-contrast images as it holds in a lot of black, making it more suitable for black and white photos. Photos with rich colors, like landscapes for example, will look better on a glossy paper that really allows those shades to pop. Simply do your research beforehand and you can’t go wrong!

Do a test print

Finally, where possible, we recommend that you do a test print of your photo to ensure it looks exactly how you envisioned. It’s no secret that an image on a screen can often look different to how it appears when printed, so doing this allows you to avoid any printing mishaps or disappointment, especially before you print several (if not hundreds) of copies!

How to Prep Photos for Printing in BeFunky

Ready to prep your own photo for printing? To get started, head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor, then upload your desired photo.

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure your photo is sized correctly, according to what size you wish to print it. The trick to working out the required size of your digital photo in pixels is to multiply the inches you require in print form by 300 to get the pixel dimensions.

For example, let’s say you want to print this photo to be placed in a photo frame measuring 8” x 10”.  To print your photo to measure 8” x 10”, your required pixel dimensions should equal 2400 x 3000 (because we used the previous trick to multiply 8 by 300 and 10 by 300). Easy!

Of course, you can size your photo to suit any print dimensions though! Just bear in mind the simple trick we mentioned above.

With this amount determined, we can then resize the photo by navigating to Edit in the main menu, followed by Resize.

Person, Human, Shoe, Footwear, Clothing, Apparel

Then, simply type the Width or Height measurement into the relevant box, ensuring that Lock Aspect Ratio is checked (as you don’t want your photo to become distorted).

Lock aspect ratio in editing photos for print

Now, unless your photo is already in the desired 8” x 10” ratio, it will need cropping to fit your desired resolutions. So for now, we’re just altering the height to fit this measurement. In the next step, we will use the Crop tool to get this size just-right. Click the blue checkmark to apply your changes.

Crop your photos in BeFunky

To crop, click on Crop in the Edit menu (located above Resize). Locate your desired Aspect Ratio from the dropdown menu at the top (in this case, we’re using 8” x 10”). Then, use your mouse to click and drag the crop selection into place. Once you’re happy with your crop (and you’ve ensured the pixel amounts under the Width and Height column match your desired print size), click the blue checkmark button to apply.

Crop your photo for print

Now that our photo has been perfectly sized for our required printing dimensions, we’re also going to show you how you can add a Black and White effect to transform it entirely. To do this, navigate to Effects (the star icon) in the main menu, followed by Black & White. There are plenty of black and white options to choose from, so simply select the one that suits your image the most! We’ve used the effect Black & White 3 for our example.

Black and white filter in BeFunky

When you click on an effect, you’ll notice three options: Settings, Cancel, and Apply. If you like how the effect looks and wish to apply it as-is, simply click the green Apply button.

Black and white edit in BeFunky

Alternatively, if you click on Settings, you can adjust elements such as Amount, Highlights, and Shadows by using the sliders located underneath each. Once you’re happy with your changes, just click the blue checkmark button to apply them. 

Adjust your black and white edit in BeFunky

There are also so many other effects available in the Photo Editor, so feel free to take a look around and select one that takes your fancy!

Once you’ve finished preparing your print-worthy photo, there’s one last step you’ll need to take - saving your photo. Navigate to Save at the top of the screen, followed by Computer, then PDF. Under Quality, select Print. This allows you to save your photo in the highest quality possible, making it perfect for printing.

Save your photo to print

Final Results

Final photo for print with BeFunky

Gone are the days of poor-quality prints or photos that don’t match the dimensions of their frame. With our Photo Editor’s simple Resize and Crop process, you’ll have high-quality and stunning photos to display wherever you choose! 

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