Turn Your Photo Into a Watercolor Painting

With a single click, you can turn your photo into a unique watercolor painting.

Mobile app photo to watercolor effect by BeFunky
Photo of a bridge with Watercolor 1 Artsy effect applied

BeFunky’s Watercolor Effects

With BeFunky's watercolor effects, you can turn your photo into a one-of-a-kind watercolor painting. In addition to being incredibly easy to use, these effects are completely unique to BeFunky – created in house – and perfect for whatever creative project you’re working on. 

Four images of Arches National Park with four different BeFunky Watercolor Artsy effects applied

How to Turn Any Photo Into a Watercolor Painting

You’ll find custom watercolor effects in the Artsy section of the Photo Editor. Once you’ve uploaded a photo, feel free to experiment with the different watercolor effects available before settling on one. You can transform your photo into an original watercolor painting with a single click – no paint brushes required! Customize meaningful portraits, abstract work, lush nature scenes, serene landscapes, and more.  

The same portrait with BeFunky's Watercolor 1 Artsy effect applied
Portrait of a Black woman with blue sky behind her



Watercolor DLX Effects to Further Enhance Your Photos

BeFunky’s DLX effects automatically enhance your photos with a single click – and thanks to our A.I. and style transfer technology, there’s no need to edit before applying effects. With the Watercolor DLX effects, not only will your photo transform into a watercolor painting, but it will also look like it was edited by a pro!

A classic car on the beach with BeFunky's Watercolor DLX 4 Artsy effect applied
A classic car on the beach



Go From Photo to Watercolor On Any Device

Download the mobile app to apply a watercolor effect to your photo with a single tap.

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How to Turn a Photo Into a Watercolor Painting

You can instantly transform a photo into an original watercolor painting!

Photo icon

01. Upload Your Photo

Open your image in BeFunky’s Photo Editor.

Artsy icon

02. Choose Your Effect

Navigate to the Artsy section and choose your favorite watercolor effect. 

Customize icon

03. Customize It

Change the Amount and edit any other aspects of your watercolor painting.

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04. Save It

Save your image to the location of your choosing.

Go From Photo to Watercolor, Instantly!