Turn Your Photo Into a Sketch

With a single click, you can turn any photo into your favorite kind of drawing.

Mobile app photo to sketch effects by BeFunky
Close up portrait of a woman with BeFunky's Inkify DLX 1 Artsy Effect applied

Find Your Perfect Sketch Effect

Have you wanted to turn a photo into a sketch, but lacked the sketching skills? Our Photo to Sketch effects will help you create the perfect drawing – with a variety of styles to choose from – in a single click. From classic pen art to the more modern graphic novel effects, there’s an effect for you! 

Four photos of a dog with different Sketch Effects applied

Graphic Novel Without the Novel

Have you ever wanted to see what you’d look like as the protagonist of a graphic novel? Well, now you can! Influenced by classic graphic novels and modern films, with BeFunky’s Graphic Novel DLX effect, you can easily create a graphic novel inspired photo. With bold lines and stark contrast, you can create your own original story – straight out of a graphic novel. 

Graphic novel effect example after image
Graphic novel effect example before image



Inkify Without the Ink

Use our Inkify effects to create bold, impactful ink sketches without the need for any fancy inking tools or paper. With varying styles and degrees of color, you can create an original work of art. And similarly, our Ink Wash effects create an effortless, fluid ink sketch. Either way, it’s a simple, one-step process.

Inkify effect example after image
Inkify effect example before image



Cross Hatch Without the Hatching

“I really enjoy meticulously and painstakingly drawing little lines,” said no one ever. Although cross-hatching is a great technique to create shadows and definition in your sketches, it can be very tedious. Thankfully, our Cross Hatch DLX effect can achieve the same result in just seconds.

Cross hatch effect example after image
Cross hatch effect example before image



Go From Photo to Sketch in One Tap

Download the mobile app to turn any photo into a detailed sketch – from any device.

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How to Turn a Photo Into a Sketch

Go from photo to sketch in four easy steps!

Upload photo

01. Upload Your Photo

Open your image in BeFunky’s Photo Editor.

Choose Artsy effect

02. Choose Your Effect

Navigate to the Artsy section and choose your sketch effect.

Customize effect

03. Customize It

Adjust the effect settings and edit any other aspects of your sketch.

Download photo

04. Save It

Save your image to the location of your choosing.

Turn your photo into a sketch with a single click!