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How To Turn Any Photo Into A Beautiful Oil Painting

By BeFunky | Inspiration

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and while photographs make for great gifts, there's something even more unique you could give your mom. How's an oil painting of one of her favorite photos sound?

We've put together a quick tutorial that'll walk you through all the steps of how to transform your photo into an oil painting with the help of BeFunky's fabulous Photo Editor. For the record, you can use this same technique with the rest of the Photo To Art effects - from our signature Cartoonizer to our newly remastered Digital Art effects and everything in between! With over 50 Artsy effects in our online library, you’re sure to create something as one-of-a-kind as she is.

Start Off With Basic Edits

Because every photo is unique, you’ll want to start off with a few simple edits to prepare your photo. Head over to the Edit panel in the Photo Editor to play around with things like exposure, crop, sharpen and more.

Vignette effects for photos

Here's a couple of our favorite basic edit tools:

- Use the Vignette Tool to add a darker tone around the edges of your photo.

- Add definition to your photo with our Enhance DLX effects. In this effects category, you’ll find unparalleled tools for sharpening, adding fine detail, bringing out vibrant colors, and getting rid of noise - all in a few simple clicks.

photo enhancer: image sharpener

Add Texture

Whether your photo has a flat, plain background, or you simply want to liven things up with Light Leaks or Bokeh effects, you’ll find everything you need in our Textures tab.

free Bokeh effects for photos

Click the Settings Menu of your chosen effect and select the Paint Mode to remove the texture from areas of the photo, like faces and other objects you don't want the texture on.

bokeh effects for photography online

Go From Photo To Painting

photo to painting online

Click on the Artsy tab and preview the different categories on your photo. For this particular photo, we went with the Oil Painting DLX effect, located in the Deluxe Edition Digital Art category. It’s a beautiful remaster of our original Oil Painting effect, but with added canvas and brushstroke details that really make this photo pop!  

Adjust The Oil Painting DLX Effect

With our Artsy effects, it’s so easy to go from photo to painting in a single click. If you want to get more detailed, you can customize any effect by clicking on the Settings Menu. In the Oil Painting DLX setting menu, you can control the Opacity and Sharpness of the effect. When you’ve got your oil painting just right, click the blue checkmark to apply it. Don’t forget to save your work!

photo to art effects by befunky
Pro Tip:

If you're planning on printing, head over to the Resize tool to make sure your image is the perfect size before you print it out!

Final Results

Now you’re ready to give mom a gift she’ll keep forever. Post it on her Facebook wall or print it out and frame it for an extra special Mother’s Day gift! Either way, she’ll be amazed.

Go from photo to painting in seconds with BeFunky

Got five minutes and a little imagination? Follow the link below and start creating the Mother's Day gift of her dreams!

Go From Photo To Art In One Click.

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