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Create A Masterpeice With Underpainting

By Nikki | Effects Showcase

One of the best features of BeFunky's Photo Editor is that it lets you transform your photos into almost any style of art. With a wide range of totally unique filters, you can achieve almost any artistic aesthetic under the sun. If the aesthetic you're going for is artsy yet minimal, look no further than BeFunky's Underpainting tool! It's one of the many amazing tools that's accessible with BeFunky Plus.

In the art world, underpainting is a technique used to lay the foundation for an artist’s masterpiece, usually by outlining or painting a base layer in a monochromatic color. They then layer more colors on top of the “underpainting” to create a subject. Without underpainting, the finished piece would fall flat, making this technique incredibly important for creating a multi-dimensional work of art.

In photo editing, BeFunky’s Underpainting tool works in a similar way. It defines the colors in your photo and adds a painting-like texture to give the appearance of more depth. This helps add visual dimension to your photos by making them look as though they have an “underpainted” base.


Choose the Perfect Photo

The best types of photos to use with Underpainting are ones with bright, varied colors that will pop when transformed into paintings. For example, a bright bouquet of flowers would look wonderful with an Underpainting filter applied. But darker photos with bright focal points, such as an image of a campfire, work great as well for moodier edits.

Underpainting by BeFunky

Other photos that compliment Underpainting are ones that use bold, eye-catching colors and shapes, such as graffiti or street art. Use the Underpainting 1 filter on these types of photos to emphasize contrast and create a look reminiscent of an oil painting. Or, try using Underpainting 2 to keep contrast and highlights the same, while creating a surreal, hand-painted look.

BeFunky artsy too underpainting

Getting Started

In order to use the exclusive Underpainting tool to turn your photos into works of art, you have to be a BeFunky Plus user. Upgrade, and you’ll gain access to all the awesome effects of Underpainting, in addition to every other premium feature that BeFunky has to offer.

Next, you should try to come up with a creative vision. It always helps get the best results when you have an end goal in mind. Once you do, you can get experimenting with all the awesome effects to discover what suits your project best. You should hit up Beautify to bring out the colors in your photos, Sharpen to add definition, Fill Light to bring out the highlights in your photos, and of course apply Underpainting! The best part about BeFunky is experimenting until you find exactly the look you’re going for. So play around with the filters, adjust them to your liking, and go from photo to art instantly!


Beautify Your Wedding

Images made with Underpainting make for gorgeous spring wedding invitations and save the dates. Just upload your edited photos into BeFunky's Designer, and you can create one-of-a-kind designs to go with your picture-perfect wedding. Here's more info on how to create these wedding invites with BeFunky; and here's more about making stunning save the dates. As you can see, the possibilities are almost endless!


Get Even More Likes

Underpainting can help create the perfect Caturday picture. Just take a clear, well-lit shot of your feline friend and apply either of the Underpainting filters. When you finish editing your Caturday photo, you can post it to Instagram and get ALL the likes with your beautiful, distinct edit. And, using the right hashtags (#befunky, y’all!), BeFunky may even feature your photo on their favorite day, Caturday!


Now take your newfound knowledge, rock your photos and turn them into art with BeFunky’s unparalleled Underpainting tool!

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