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How To Grow Your Etsy Business: Advertising

By Whitney | Designer Tutorials

So you’ve nailed branding your Etsy shop and are now an absolute pro at product photography. With your shop looking its best and your product listings on point, now comes the time to get the word out and bring those customers in through the (digital) doors!

It’s tempting to think that your awesome products will sell themselves, especially with all your flawless branding and your best keywords in each listing title. The truth is, marketing your Etsy shop is just as important as crafting a great product, taking great photos of it, and listing it in your well-branded shop. With 1.9 Million other Etsy shops on the platform, it’s critical to use a mix of advertising efforts to make your presence known.

how to advertise Etsy shop

If marketing sounds daunting, don’t worry! We’ll share all the best tips for getting found on Etsy, from using SEO to creating incredible social media graphics with BeFunky’s Designer and everything in between. Let’s dive in, shall we?

How To Market Your Shop On Etsy

Let’s say a potential customer is on the hunt for the perfect leather handbag. They navigate to Etsy, type “large leather handbag” into the search, and start clicking through the results. The chances of your handbag coming up in that search depends on the relevance of the item (whether or not you’ve titled your listing with the words ‘large leather handbag’ in it), the quality of the item (how well-rated it is), and the amount of time it’s been since originally listed.

Title Your Listings With SEO In Mind

If you’re just starting out on Etsy, chances are your listings may not have achieved a ton of reviews, so one of the best ways to get your items in a customer’s search results are to use great SEO (search engine optimization) when titling your listing. To make sure your SEO is on-point for each listing, do a little keyword research within your niche. What are customers specifically searching for? Instead of titling your item something broad like “handbag,” try something more descriptive like “large brown leather handbag tote,” as these are more likely to be the search terms for a customer.

Re-List Your Items Frequently

Aside from customer searches returning the most popular and relevant items, Etsy also pushes the most recently listed items to the top of a search page. That means each time you list an item, the chances of it being number one in a customer search is high, after which it regresses as other shops list items with the same tags.

One way to ensure that your listing continues to be at the top of the search results is to use Etsy’s Auto-Renew tool. With this feature, you can select items that you wish to re-list at any given frequency, bumping your item to the top of the search each time. Each time your item re-lists, Etsy charges $0.20, which is a small price to pay since over 31 Million buyers are active on the platform each day. Again, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve properly tagged your item and put your five most-searched keywords in the title to make good use of the Auto-Renew feature.

Try Promoted Listings

You can also make use of Etsy’s paid advertising opportunities to become more prominent in a customer’s search. By choosing your item to be a Promoted Listing, you can pay per click to keep it at the top of the search results. Your Promoted Listing will include the word ‘ad’ to indicate that it is a paid campaign, but it will be catered to the target demographic and search tags you’ve selected.

how to use Etsy Promoted Listings

Once you start ringing in the sales, you can start asking your customers for reviews to boost your listing prominence even more! Getting to the reviews stage will take some patience, so aside from marketing on Etsy, we recommend adding a couple other elements like social media promotion and word of mouth advertising into your marketing mix. This will help you create even more pathways to your shop.  

How To Advertise Your Etsy Shop On Social Media

If you’re managing your Etsy shop like a good small business owner, you’ll find that social media is a great tool you can use to your marketing advantage. A great way to grow your sales is to create social media accounts specifically for your Etsy store, all with the same account name. With a link to your shop in your profile, you’ll be providing your audience with additional ways to connect with your items.

advertising your Etsy shop on social media

Start by setting up accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, as these are considered the best performing platforms for marketing your Etsy. Once your accounts are established, start planning out your content using other accounts in your niche as inspiration, but refrain from copying!

The easiest thing about marketing on these platforms is that you should already have plenty of great imagery to use from your own product photoshoots. Here’s how to turn those shots into effective social media graphics, plus our best tips for success:

Create Eye-Catching Social Media Graphics

Since Etsy is image-driven, much like each of the social media accounts we recommend, you’ll need to bring your A-game when approaching social media graphics. BeFunky’s Designer has loads of perfectly-sized templates to create graphics for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube thumbnails if you find filming beneficial for what you’re selling.

To use them, head to the Designer and open up the Template Library. You'll see a menu for Online Advertising and several different template presets for different types of online ads. Here we’ll show you how to customize a Facebook template, but the same steps apply to any template you choose. Once you find a template you like, select it and click Use This Template to populate it on the canvas.

Select Designer Template

Every single element within the template is fully customizable, but we’ll start with the image. Clicking on the Image Manager on your left-hand menu will allow you to upload any images you want to use. Click and drag and your image over the existing image in the template. When the existing image highlights in blue, drop your new photo to replace it.

Replace Template Image

Pro Tip: Want to use a stock photo instead? Click on the ‘...’ button next to Computer in the Image Manager tab. Here, you’ll be able to browse over a million free stock photos to use, straight from Pixabay!

Next, clicking on any textbox within the template will allow you to customize it and change what it says. Start by typing out your message, then use the Text Properties toolbar that appears to play around with different fonts, sizing, colors, and more!

Update Text Properties

Once you get your social media post looking just right, you can use the Save button at the top of the page to save the image to your Computer, BeFunky, or other destination of your choice. Alternatively, click the More sub-menu to post directly on Facebook, Dropbox, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Save Designer Template

Post Frequently

While it’s not necessary to post multiple times per day when you’re just starting out, you will need to establish a rhythm when it comes to each social media channel. Consider your target audience’s schedules and when they’re most likely to see your posts. This will definitely be trial and error, so make a spreadsheet of when you post on each channel that includes how many likes and followers you get each time. That way, you can determine the best time of day for posting on each specific account, as well as hashtags that work well for your niche.

You can use a social media scheduling site like Hootsuite to ensure that your posts go out at ideal times. That way, you’re not entirely tied to your phone and manually posting on each channel. If you use a social media scheduling site, make sure you’re checking the activity on each account and responding to comments in a timely manner.  

Gain Followers And Drive Interest With Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to gain more followers and spread the word about your Etsy store, and all it will cost is one of your items! It’s as simple as posting one of your items as a giveaway, with certain conditions for entering. These conditions (specified in the caption) can be things like: 1) follow this account, 2) tag two friends in the comments section, and 3) like this post.

Not only will you gain more of a following for marketing future products, as your likes increase and more people enter your giveaway, the more eyes are seeing your account. This can greatly increase the chances of potential customers clicking the link in your profile and browsing your shop! You’ll also be able to utilize powerful word of mouth advertising as the winner gets excited about the product they’ve won.

how to do a giveaway on social media

Be sure to design a great graphic to announce your giveaway by utilizing one of BeFunky’s social media templates as described above. All it takes is a fantastic image of the product you’re giving away, plus the word ‘Giveaway’ on the image itself.

Create Social Media Ads

Aside from posting frequently, using the right hashtags, and growing your following, it’s a good idea to think about ads on social media. You can pay for ads on social media platforms like Facebook and choose the key demographic you’re targeting, ensuring it appears in their feed.

how to design Facebook ads in BeFunky

In the Small Business category of the Designer’s templates, there are plenty of perfectly-sized Facebook Ads that you can customize to perfection. Using the template as your guide, you’ll be able to create something ultra-professional that will have potential customers clicking through to your store.

Gain Word-Of-Mouth Advertising For Your Etsy

Chances are, it’s not just your followers on social media who know about your Etsy shop - you’ve got your own circle of friends and family who know what you sell. According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. That makes word of mouth extremely powerful.

There are two ways you can gain word of mouth advertising for your Etsy: make great products that people can’t help but recommend to their own circle of influence, and be vocal about what you do and sell in everyday life. A great tool to have when telling people about your Etsy shop is the good ol’ business card. It’s something tangible you can give to people you meet who express interest in your shop.

Thankfully, BeFunky’s Designer offers completely free business card templates you can use to design your very own! You’ll find them in the Business Marketing category of the Templates Library in the Designer. When you find one you like, select it.

Select Business Card Template

To change the background of your business card, you can select the Customize tab to change the background color or upload an image to use as your background from the Image Manager tab. Remember to use colors and imagery that’s relevant to the branding you’ve established.

Update Business Card Properties

By clicking on the text boxes in your chosen business card template, you’ll be able to type in your own information. You can fully customize the text on your card using the Text Properties toolbar that appears when a text box is selected. From this toolbar, you can try out different fonts, font colors, and blend modes until you find the perfect fit for your branding.

Update Business Card Text

You can add more interest to your business card by adding in unique graphics from the Graphics tab, or upload your logo to use in your design.

Update Graphics for Business Card

Once you’ve completed your business card design, you can print your cards from home using a high quality printer, or utilize sites like VistaPrint to upload and print hundreds of copies. Keep them on you at all times in case you meet someone who is interested in your Etsy shop! It’ll be something they can reference to find your shop online, instead of trying to remember your shop name and Googling you.

diy business card templates in BeFunky

Now that you’ve got a well-branded shop, incredible product photography, and a good mix of advertising efforts to spread the word about your Etsy shop, you’re well on your way to success! Remember, growing any business will take some time. Luckily, BeFunky’s Designer is here to help you every step of the way. Follow the link below to start creating visual assets for social media, eye-catching business cards, and so much more!

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