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Product Photography 101: Creating Images That Sell

By Melanie Doncas | Advanced Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

Setting up own website, Amazon account, or Etsy shop can be one of the most exciting steps you take in selling your own products or services. You eagerly hit the ‘publish’ button before awaiting your first customer. But then…nothing. After weeks have passed, you know there’s something wrong, but just can’t put your finger on it. You’ve done a good job of advertising your products and the price is affordable for your demographic, yet there are still no sales.

how to increase online sales product photography

If this has happened to you, fear not. You see, the answer to eCommerce success lies in your product photography (or more specifically, if your photos tick all of the right boxes. But more on that later). According to a recent study by Weebly, over 75% of eCommerce shoppers say product pictures are very influential when deciding whether they want to buy a product online. Furthermore, a whopping 63% of consumers said that good images are more important than product descriptions. That’s why if your product images aren’t up to scratch, you’ll want to do something about it (and ASAP).

Keep reading to find out how you can create images that sell!

5 Effective Types of Product Photography

If you’ve only been uploading one photo of your product, then we hate to break it you, but you’ve been doing it all wrong. Sites such as Amazon or Etsy allow you to include numerous shots in your product’s listing, so you need to take advantage of this.

We’re going to delve into not one, but 5 different (yet effective) photos every listing should have below! Here’s some more good news too: no matter what the shot, BeFunky’s Photo Editor has a little something for editing any style of product photography (high-five to that!).

The Studio Shot

You know those product images featuring a plain white, colored, or transparent background? These are referred to as studio shots. They show the product in a simple, yet flattering way, without the added distraction of background imagery.  

product photography white background

For these types of product photos, BeFunky’s Replace Color tool can help create any background color (including transparent) in just a few clicks!

The Lifestyle Shot

This product image shows the product being worn or in use, whether using a model or a styled flat lay.

product photography using models

Not only does it provide important examples of how the customer can use the product in their everyday life, but it also gives you a chance to let your company’s branding shine through.

The Packaging Shot

Customers like to know exactly what they’ll receive when they purchase your product, and this extends to its packaging too. Keep in mind that we’re not just talking about some bubble wrap here – you’ll actually want to make your packaging as persuasive and beautiful as your product!

using packaging in product photography

Think colored tissue paper, drawstring bags, or stickers featuring your brand’s logo.

The Scale Shot

Even though your listing will ask you to include the measurements of your product, it’s a great idea to give your customers a visual representation of its size.

creative product photography examples

This involves showing the item to scale by using a model or another object (i.e. a coin, smartphone, etc.). Get creative!

The Options Shot

When it comes to product photography, you don’t want to leave anything to your customer’s imagination. This is why it’s best to include as many visual cues about your product as possible, including the various options they have when purchasing, such as product color. BeFunky’s Text Editor can help by adding text to photos for labeling the different options. Too easy!

options shot in product photography

Remember, due to the online nature of eCommerce sites, customers can’t pick up and hold your item with their own hands (as they would in a bricks-and-mortar shop). This is why product photography is your most powerful and persuasive tool. You want your photos to show them exactly what they’re getting, so they feel totally confident in hitting that ‘Buy Now’ button.

How BeFunky Photo Editor Can Enhance Your Product Photography

Now that we've learned about the different types of product photography and why it's important to include multiple types in your listings, it's time to show you the tools you need to get those images looking top notch. BeFunky's Photo Editor offers a huge library of photo enhancing tools for every kind of photography, but here are a few instances where it can really make editing your product photography a breeze:

Create A Transparent Background in a Photo

Even if you’re new to the eCommerce game, you’ve probably noticed that some sites (such as Amazon) require a transparent background so that all uploaded products look cohesive. When the background is transparent, it also offers seamless integration onto a webpage because the background will automatically match the background of the site. This means not having to worry about issues such as white balance, making your job a whole lot easier.

Thankfully, BeFunky allows you to make your product photo’s background transparent in just a few clicks. To get started, head over to the Photo Editor, before uploading your desired photo. In the Edit menu, select Replace Color, before clicking on the box next to Source Color. Click the Eye Dropper Tool, then select the background color in your photo that you wish to remove.

how to remove background of a photo in BeFunky

Ta-da! You’re now left with a totally transparent background. Just click the blue checkmark to apply your desired effect.

background eraser for product photography by BeFunky

To save your image, just select the Save option in the top menu, before choosing to save it to your Computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive (just to name a few). A word of wisdom here though: be sure to save your image as a .PNG file to keep that transparency.

Create A Solid Colored Background

Remember how we made the background transparent in the steps above? The Replace Color tool can also replace the background color with any solid color your heart desires! This option is perfect for keeping your product photos on-point with your colorful and fun branding. First, select the Replace Color tool and click on the box next to Source Color. Use the Eyedropper tool to select the background color of your image. It will automatically replace your background with transparent (but don't worry, we'll change the background color in a second). Be sure to adjust the Tolerance slider if too much color in your product is being replaced. 

how to edit the background of a photo

Next, click on the box next to Target Color and select any new hue from the Color Picker box that appears! If you have a super specific color in mind, you can also type in the HEX color code to add it to your background.

how to change the background color in a photo with BeFunky

When you’re finished, click the blue checkmark to apply the effect. Then, simply Save your new product photo from the top menu. How fun was that?!

Add Text to Photos to Show Product Options

Remember how we talked about the importance of the ‘Options Shot’ earlier in the article? Well, thanks to BeFunky’s Photo Editor, creating this type of image is easier than you think! Simply begin with any photo, before clicking on Background in the Edit menu. Your image will automatically become transparent, but if you un-check the box next to the Transparent option, it will become totally white. While you can change the Fill Color by selecting the box next to this option, we’re going to stick with a plain white background for this one. Simply click the blue checkmark to apply your effect.

how to make a white background in product photography

Next, you can showcase your product’s color options by inserting them as circle or square graphics on your white background. Head to the Graphics section in the left menu, followed by Shapes. Insert as many as you need, ensuring you allow enough space in between each shape for when you add the descriptive text. To alter the color of each shape, just click on your selected shape and a Graphic Properties toolbar appears. Click on the box next to Color Overlay, before selecting your desired color from the Color Picker. You can also adjust the Intensity using the slider below.

free graphics for design templates in BeFunky

Next up, you’ll want to add text next to each graphic to label your color options. To do this, select the Text tab from the left menu, before clicking Add Text. You can change what the text says by clicking on the text box and typing. Then, from the Text Properties toolbar, you can change elements such as Font Family, Font Size, Spacing, Paragraph, Color, and more. Add your color or sizing specs and you're good to go! 

How to add text to product photos

Look good? Finalize your project by clicking Save in the top menu and selecting a destination, such as your Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or more.

how to create product options photography

For Everything Else

When it comes to product photography, the sky is your limit, so don’t feel restricted to just the 5 most common styles we’ve discussed today. No matter what your idea, BeFunky can help, as the platform has a huge amount of tools to get your product photos looking picture-perfect.

For example, if your shots include a model, why not use our Touch Up tools, or give the Crop and Resize options a go to get the perfect sizing? Additionally, the Enhance DLX effects will help you create sharp, vibrant product images in just a few clicks, or you can utilize features such as Exposure and Fill Light to instantly brighten a photo taken in poor lighting. Thanks to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and its wide capabilities, you’re well on the road to eCommerce success!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified