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10 Free Templates to Market Your Business

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

Marketing your small business can be tricky, yet it plays a vital role in boosting your brand awareness, creating excitement about your products or services, and increasing your sales. When you’re just starting out, however, you probably don’t want to blow your budget on expensive marketing materials or campaigns.

Thankfully, the professional designers at BeFunky have created a wide range of high-quality marketing templates that can be customized to suit your brand within minutes. The best part? These templates are completely free, so you can save your hard-earned money for other important areas of your business!

We’ve rounded up our favorite free marketing templates from BeFunky’s Graphic Designer to help you get started.

marketing templates

1. Instagram Post Templates

With over 1.21 billion monthly active users, Instagram is a must-have in any small business owner’s marketing toolkit. Rather than creating your own marketing images from scratch, however, use a premade Instagram template—like this example—to get the job done.

What we love the most about this free template (titled ‘Green Black Livestream Music Instagram Post’) is its artful display of text and imagery. It’s super easy to swap out the existing photo for one that advertises your own product or service, as well as to switch up the green and black color scheme for something on-brand. Plus, there’s even plenty of text for you to get your marketing message across without throwing out the balance of the design.

Along with this template, you’ll also find other free Instagram marketing templates, such as those featuring quotes, a single photo with minimal text, or even ones that only contain text. You decide!

instagram free templates

2. Instagram Story Templates

Along with Instagram posts, you can also benefit from marketing your business through Instagram Stories. These posts give you a 24-hour window to connect with your audience and turn those followers into customers! In order to prevent followers from scrolling by, however, you’ll need to use an attention-grabbing Instagram Story design that stops them in their tracks. This is where BeFunky’s wide range of free Instagram Story templates come in handy.

Take this template (titled ‘Neutral Collage Retail Sale Instagram Story’), for example, which provides a clean and minimal way to showcase everything from products to upcoming sales. Simply swap out the images and text, and you’ve got yourself an on-brand Instagram Story that you can customize over and over again.

instagram story free templates

3. Facebook Quote Templates

Of course, we can’t talk about Instagram without also mentioning the importance of Facebook. The platform has roughly 2.93 billion monthly active users, giving your small business access to an even larger audience.

BeFunky also has a wide range of customizable Facebook templates, which can be tweaked for your own marketing purposes. Take this ‘Blue Mountain Photo Quote’ template, for example, which is a versatile size for use on both Instagram and Facebook. If you’re wanting to share a relevant and inspiring quote with your Facebook following, it’s easy to simply edit this text and swap out the photo. Within just a few clicks, your Facebook post is sorted for the day!

facebook quote free templates

4. Pinterest Graphic Templates

No small business marketing plan is complete without a multi-faceted approach to social media. Therefore, you also shouldn’t underestimate the marketing ability of Pinterest—especially when you use beautifully designed Pinterest templates that demand attention.

Take this Pinterest graphic example below, featuring the free template ‘Brown Pink Overlay Pinterest Graphic’. It uses a full-size photo to provide context, while the color palette can easily be tweaked to match any brand identity. The large and bold text also captures attention, while a call-to-action (CTA) entices the viewer to click the graphic and be redirected to the content to "learn more."

pinterest post free templates

5. Blog Title Image Templates

If you also use a blog to market your brand, then you’ll be pleased to hear that our Template Library also features a wide range of blog image templates to advertise your latest posts. They allow you to find a signature blog title image style to make your own with just a few clicks.

For this example, we’ve chosen the ‘Blue Yellow Lemon Food Lifestyle Blog Title’, but there’s a large variety of templates to choose from, depending on your needs. We love the fact that this one is graphic-driven, making it easy for you to select an image from our Graphic Library to match the blog topic you’re showcasing.

The bold elements also add a pop of color to your blog!

blog title free templates

6. Business Card Templates

Did you know that BeFunky also has free, customizable business card templates for you to market your own brand? With a wide range of designs to choose from, you can opt for a minimal, creative, bold, or photographic design. The choice is yours!

What’s great about the wide range of free business card designs is that they’re really easy to customize for a completely different look. In this example, we’ve chosen the White Turquoise Blue Circle Business Card to show you one with a nice blank canvas. Measuring 3.5” x 2”, these templates are also perfectly sized for printing!

business card free templates

7. Etsy Banner Templates

Whether you want to fill your Etsy shop with a big banner or a mini banner that means business, the Templates Library is home to both of these. They’re perfectly sized to Etsy’s requirements too, so there’s no need for guesswork on your part. There are so many designs to choose from, including free templates that are quick and easy to customize to your own store’s branding.

Take these banners below, for example, which show both the big and mini versions of the same design (the ‘Multicolor Bakery Goods’ Etsy Banners). It’s also got plenty of room for photos to show off your own product offering.

In fact, you’ll find both of these sizes available for every single Etsy banner design, so you’ll always have plenty of options.

You can also easily resize your Etsy banner design to use as an Order Receipt Banner. This gives you a professional and on-brand addition to your Etsy receipts!

etsy banner free templates

8. Business Flyer Templates

Flyers are another marketing material that can work wonders for getting the word out about a new product, upcoming sale, or special event. Creating one from scratch can be time-consuming, however, which is why you should save yourself the effort and use a free and customizable flyer template from the Graphic Designer instead.

The featured template is the ‘Gold Black Cocktail Drink Restaurant Bar Flyer.’ It lets you capture your audience’s attention with a full-sized photo, which also acts as the background to your flyer’s text. Big, bold headings ensure you get your message across quickly, while terms such as “limited time offer” encourage them to act sooner, rather than later!

flyer free templates

9. Postcard Templates

Business postcards might seem like an outdated form of marketing, but they still remain one of the most successful. This is because they allow you to advertise your brand and generate excitement through direct mail, which lands straight in your ideal customer’s hands.

If you’re looking for free postcard templates that you can customize for your own small business, then look no further. BeFunky’s Template Library is also home to plenty of these, including matching front and back templates.

In this example, we’ve featured the popular ‘Yellow Purple New Year Fitness Postcard’, as we love its versatility. It features the perfect combination of imagery, text, and a call-to-action to boost your conversion rate.

postcard free templates

10. YouTube Channel Art

If you also run a YouTube channel for your business, then you no doubt need some YouTube channel art to bring it in line with your branding. Simplify the creation process and save money by using one of BeFunky’s free, customizable templates for YouTube.

There are plenty of templates for your channel art, including the one featured below, as well as your YouTube thumbnail.

In this example, we’ve featured the ‘Brown Dog Animal Video YouTube Header’, which has the perfect balance of eye-catching imagery and clear, descriptive text. It provides an easy two-step process for creating your own on-brand YouTube channel art. Simply swap out the photo for one of your own, then edit the text to reflect what your own channel is about.

youtube channel free templates

Ready to Customize Your Free Marketing Templates?

Thanks to BeFunky, you can market your small business professionally and on a budget. With our wide range of free marketing templates, you can simply tweak your favorite design to suit your brand—all within a few minutes!

Check out the Graphic Designer’s free templates and start your next project today!

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