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Our Top 10 Tutorials Of 2015

By BeFunky | Inspiration

Ah, 2015. You’ve been the Ryan Gosling of years for us: beautiful, irreplaceable, yet surprisingly tender.  From the release of our fabulous Designer Toolset to the birth of the mighty Perfect Skin Tool and more, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds—and we’ve got no plans on stopping now.

Our new year’s resolution is a simple one: to make 2016 show-stoppingly epic. So without any further delay, here’s us taking the first step to solidifying our awesomeness with a list of our top 10 tutorials from 2015.

1. Create inspirational picture quotes

One thing we learned in 2015 is that people love making their own picture quotes. And by love, we mean a whole lotta love. Whether you’re whipping up a quote for your adoring readers to pin or just a little something to help you get through your day, designing inspirational quotes is a piece of cake with the Designer Toolset. Just find a picture that gets you in the feels, choose a template, and add text. It’s so easy your little old nana could do it. Just ask her.

p.s. In search of the perfect quote? Check out our Pinterest quotes board to get inspired.


2. How to turn a photo into a beautiful oil painting in 5 minutes

Say goodbye to boring presents forever and hello to a whole new world of awesome. Thanks to our handy dandy, oh-so-fabulous Artsy effects you can shake off those art school blues and create a masterpiece in just about no time. Take a boring old photo and turn it into something extraordinary with just a couple of clicks or put on your Pinterest hat and get crafty with some DIY photo gifts—the choice is yours.



3. Photography challenge: Self Portrait

Being an amateur photographer is tough. You don’t have the big name recognition just yet, so chances are that the $$$ in your pockets is rather limited (and precious). Needless to say, that probably means you won’t be drowning in models anytime soon, so the next best thing is to take matters into your own hands—literally. Lisa Shalom breaks down the art of self portrait photography for you in a way that’s as fun as it is interesting, so sit your pretty little self down and get to learning tips on how to make your own great photo props on the cheap.


4. How to create an epic branded logo

Bloggers and small business owners rejoice: you don’t have to drop a small fortune to create your own marketing materials. Thanks to the Photo Editor and Designer Toolset you can create  your own branded images for free, so whether you want to whip up a logo, create a small Favicon or even create an album cover, BeFunky lets you can hack your way to becoming a graphic designer without having to pay for all that fancy art school training. Score.


5. How to make a dazzling postcard in 3 easy steps

Aka that time I got down with the open road to show you how you can create your own dazzling postcards from the road in just 3 easy peasy steps. Don’t you wish traveling itself was this easy?



6. DIY wedding invites

I’m certainly no graphic designer, so thank god and all his angels for sending me the Designer Toolset by which I was able to make this gorgeous invite and no one was any the wiser as to my total inability to draw/design/doodle/be an adult.


7. Double exposure photography: a basic how to

I can’t even begin to describe how filled with joy I was at the release of the Background tool and Layer Manager. It’s through the magic of those two tools that I present to you the art of the double-exposed photo. Whip one up in just about no time for images that’ll dazzle your friends and make mom proud.  Just upload a photo, add in your overlapping photo with the Layer Manager, and cut out your image as needed. BAM.

(You’ll be seriously amazed at how fun/addictive this can be. Trust.)


8. Mastering the art of polyscapes

If you don’t know what a polyscape is yet, you’re missing out. Check out how our girl Whitney takes a few basic geometric shapes and turns them into something truly majestic in just a couple of quick steps. Use them for social media cover photos, album art or even print out a couple and throw them on your wall and go ooh.


9. It’s holiday card time!

Tis the season to get real merry. We decided to kick off this winter by adding a whole load of irresistibly cute holiday cards to the Designer Toolset. With templates for just about every taste, you’ll be delighted to see how much easier preserving those awkward family moments can be.


10. Photo manipulation: how to freeze yourself

New winter graphics in the Photo Editor + Denesia Craft’s crazy wicked photo manipulation skills = something truly awesome. Need we say more?


And finally, from all of us over at BeFunky to all you gorgeous folks out there: have a happy New Year! Try and take it easy on the champagne if you can (who are we kidding).

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified