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4 DIY Photo Gifts For Everyone On Your List

By Whitney | Inspiration

There are so many reasons to love the Holidays. The smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree, baking endless amounts of treats, watching all the classic Holiday movies and listening to festive music (well, until you’ve heard the same songs a hundred times in a month). Most of all, this season is about finding the most perfectly thoughtful gifts for friends and family. But every year, like clockwork, there’s one little problem that gets in the way of holiday gifting: time.

If you're like us, you look forward to the holidays all year long, yet they always seem to sneak up on you. Before you know it, it’s a week before Christmas and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for everyone on your list! But listen. Some of the most meaningful gifts can't be found on Amazon - they're the ones you can create yourself! With a little help from BeFunky, here are some thoughtful gifts you can create for your loved ones (and save major $):

1. Framed Art With Artsy Effects

If you're looking for a way to do something a little different with your photos, the Photo To Art effects in BeFunky's Photo Editor are insanely easy! It’s the perfect way to turn a photo into a totally frame-worthy work of art in a single click.

First, upload a gift-worthy photo into the Photo Editor and click on the Artsy tab. Here, you'll find a treasure trove of Photo To Art effects - from painterly effects like watercolor and oil painting to our signature Cartoonizer, Deluxe Edition Digital Art effects, and everything in between.

online photo to art effects in BeFunky

You can preview each Photo To Art effect by clicking on the thumbnails. When you find one you love, click the checkmark to apply it.

turn photo to cartoon in BeFunky

Now you can navigate to the Edit tab to crop the photo or use the Resize Image tool to make sure it's the perfect size.

how to crop photos online in BeFunky

When you've got it just right, click the Save button at the top of the screen. Now all that's left is to print it out on the paper of your choice, and put it in a frame!

DIY photo to art Christmas gift

2. Inspirational Picture Quotes

Everyone needs a good dose of inspiration every now and then, even if it’s just a sentence reminding you that life is good. With BeFunky’s Graphic Designer, it’s super easy to add text to photos and create inspirational picture quotes that are so awesome you might want to make some for yourself too!

It all starts with finding a quote that reminds you of the giftee, perhaps their favorite saying or a quote by their favorite author/role model/philanthropist/you get the idea. Once you’ve got the perfect quote in mind, head over to the Graphic Designer and it will automatically open to the Templates tab. Choose a template from the Blank Templates category that will be perfectly sized for the frame it will end up living in.

blank design templates online in BeFUnky

To create a background for your picture quote, head to the Image Manager tab and upload a photo of your choice by clicking on the Computer button. Alternatively, you can search Pixabay’s giant library of free stock photos for your background by clicking the button with three dots. Once you’ve got a photo ready, drag it over to the template and resize it using the blue circles until it covers the template.

how to make a beyonce lemonade quote

Pro Tip: Don't want a photo background? Head to the Background tab and choose any color you'd like! 

Then head to the Text tab and click on Add Text to type in your quote. When you’re finished, be sure to Save it using the button at the top.

how to design an inspirational photo quote

Print it out, put it in your frame, and voila, a perfectly meaningful gift you can make in minutes! Who needs Etsy when you have these easy design tools right at your fingertips?

Advertisement, Poster, Text, Paper

3. Photo Collages

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a photo collage must be worth millions. Whether you put together a collage of that road trip you took with your friend over the summer, special moments you’ve had with family, or a montage of you and your beau, the possibilities are really endless. 

Start with a theme in mind and head over to BeFunky’s Collage Maker, then upload the photos you want to use via the Image Manager tab.

free online Collage Maker in BeFunky

From here, the easiest way to make a hi-resolution collage without cropping a single pixel from any of the photos will be to use the Collage Wizard. Find it by clicking on the Layouts tab, then click the Collage Wizard button at the top. Select the images you want to use by clicking on them and then click the arrows to start browsing the different layouts that Collage Wizard generates for you. When you find the perfect layout, click the Select This Collage button. 

collage maker templates in BeFunky

From here, you can drag-and-drop images to the different spaces to switch them around, edit the photos, add text, and more. Print it out when you’re done, frame it, and bam, another perfect gift!

Collage, Advertisement, Poster, Person, Human, Plant

4. Polaroid Photo Coasters

This is one of our absolute favorite gift ideas and the full tutorial is available here. To start, gather six (or more if you’d like!) of your favorite photos and open up the Photo Editor. One by one, edit each photo with the vast library of effects and then use the Crop tool in the Edit tab to crop them into squares.

crop photo tool in BeFunky

Next, head to the Resize tool to size the square to 300 x 300 pixels. This way, each one will end up being 4” x 4” when you print them.

how to resize image online in BeFunky

When you’ve got them sized perfectly, click on the Frames tab and select one of the Instant frames, which will automatically add the classic Polaroid border around the photo.

polaroid effects for photos by BeFunky

Print them out on laser paper and use some mod podge glue to apply them to 4” x 4” ceramic tiles with a sponge paint brush. Paint a thin layer of mod podge over the photo as well. When the glue dries (which doesn’t take long!) add one more layer and wait for that to dry.

Finish the coasters by spraying a layer of clear acrylic finishing spray, then add some small felt circles to the bottom.

diy polaroid photo coasters

The Gifts That Keep On Giving

These DIY gifts are simple and fast, but there are a few more gifts we can suggest.

A BeFunky Plus Subscription

Got someone on your list who loves editing photos, wants to learn the ropes of graphic design, or all of the above? For just $59.88, you can gift an annual BeFunky Plus subscription to your loved ones, granting them full and unlimited access to every tool and feature offered across our entire Creative Platform - the Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker - for an entire year! A Plus account will include everything they need to design like a pro, make incredible photo edits, and empower their creativity!

The Gift of Visionn 

Visionn is also an incredibly entertaining gift, and at only $1.99, it’s quite a steal! Visionn is an iOS app that will allow your friends and family to see the world from a unique perspective, create animated videos, and turn everyday photos into incredible works of art. It’s perfect for almost any age, and Apple has made it really easy to gift Apps by logging into your iTunes account, going to the App landing page, and selecting "Gift This App" from the dropdown menu.

Visionn app by befunky

We know you'll find all the tools you need to craft and give the perfect gifts with BeFunky! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified