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Create Your Own Inspirational Picture Quotes

By BeFunky | Inspiration

Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes. I love it when I'm browsing Instagram and all of a sudden I see an amazing picture with an uplifting quote. It totally turns my day around! Because sometimes, all you need is a little two sentence reminder that life is awesome.

With a good photo, a great quote and the help of BeFunky's Text tool, you can easily turn your own pictures into something truly inspirational!

add text to photos with BeFunky

Find The Right Picture

One picture that inspires you. Photos that use a lot of clean space will help make your text stand out. If there are some distracting elements in your photo, use the Crop tool to create a cleaner canvas for your quote, then use the Resize tool to make it the perfect size!

Inspirational picture quotes with BeFunky

Get A Good Quote

Do a little digging and find just the right one. Short quotes are quick and easy to read, and will be the most effective with any audience.

design your own inspirational picture quotes

Add Some Text

Spend some time positioning the quote so that the text accentuates the photo. To create a balanced image, add your text to the clean spaces of your photo. If there aren't any, it's always a safe bet to center it.

diy photo quote

Right Text + Right Photo = a beautiful photo quote.

inspirational picture quotes with BeFunky photo editor
photo quotes diy

And sometimes, a sticker can say it all.

make your own picture quote

Get Started

To design your own picture quote, upload your photo into BeFunky's Photo Editor and head to the Text tab. Click on the Add Text button.

add text to photos

Start typing your quote into the text box that appears on your photo. Choose from a library of our fonts, or you can use your own fonts from Google or upload them from your Computer.

add text to photos with BeFunky

Notice that in the Text Properties box, you can easily change the font size, color, paragraph style, and more! Don't be afraid to experiment with things like Blend Mode and see what kind of styling you like for your quote. In other words, think outside the (text)box!

adventure quote befunky

Once you make your first inspirational picture quote, there will be no stopping you. These babies make the best reminders that keep you going whether you post them up in your office, frame them for house decor, or make them your laptop background. It all starts by clicking the link below!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified