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The Fabulous New Cutout Tool

By BeFunky | What’s New

You’re all crafty little fellows. From the socially savvy at heart that use BeFunky to crank out gorgeous blog images to the hard working small business owners that use it for business cards, letterheads and beyond, we’re constantly impressed by the creativity you guys show us on a daily basis. And because we here at BeFunky love to love your work, we’ve introduced a couple of new tools designed to make your lives a whole lot easier.

We know what you want. The thing you’ve been craving the most is finally here: the amazing new Cutout tool. With four different shape selections to suit your every need, it’s a powerful new way to use the Photo Editor to take your creations to the next level. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it like a boss.

The basics

Head over to the edits panel in the Photo Editor to access the Cutout tool. It’s conveniently located under Essentials.


The new cutout tool has 4 different shapes:  Rectangular, Circular, a Polygonal Lasso and another plain ol’ Lasso option. Each is designed to cut out your image in a certain way.


For instance, the Rectangle shape selection will cut out, you guessed it, rectangles. Same for the circle. The Polygonal Lasso tool uses a series of lines to select your image, while the Lasso tool lets you use freehand to select your image. 


You can also hold down Shift while selecting to ensure you get a perfect circle (or rectangle) every time.

So great—you can cut out parts of images. But how does that translate into all that awesomeness you mentioned earlier?

Patience, young one.

Getting Down to Business

See that little slider called Feather? Feathering is to soften the edge of an image by making it gradually fade out until it becomes transparent. This slider allows you to conveniently control the feathering amount, so you can adjust how "hard" or soft you want your cutout lines to be. I tend to use my feathering at 100, so it always gives me soft, blended lines when I cut out the image, but you can adjust it to your liking.

So you’ve found a portion of an image you’d like to cut out. You have two options now:

  1. Export as Layer

Thanks to the handy dandy new Layer Manager, you can select this option to add your graphic as a layer on top of your image. Start by selecting your shape, then tracing around your image…


Then hit ‘Export as Layer’ and watch the magic unfurl:


From this point, if you want to keep the graphic as part of your original photo you can do a lot of cool things here. My favorite is to play around with different blend modes and layer the images:


It’s also how I made this beauty…


...out of these two images:

  1. Make a new graphic

If you want to use the selected graphic to make something else entirely, hit ‘Save as Image’ and save the file as PNG. Open the Photo Editor again, upload any image, and head on over to Background in the Edit panel. Hit the checkmark to make your image transparent:


...then upload your saved PNG file through the Layer Manager and place it over the background. You can then add some spiffy text if you like (I certainly did).


To finish things off, hit ‘Flatten Layers’. You can then crop the image to whatever dimensions you want:


Save it as a PNG. You’ve now got yourself a beautiful watermark or logo fit for a king. Add it in over any image with the Image Manager.


Whether you’re a photographer looking to make his mark or a small business looking to amp up their game, the new Cutout tool is going to be your new best friend—trust us.


And if you're looking for a little inspiration on how to make your own logo, head on here and here for tips on how to do just that.

Ready to make your own dazzling logo or watermark? We know you are, darling.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified