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Welcome BeFunky Express To The Family

By BeFunky | What’s New

‘Good’ just doesn’t cut it for us anymore. I mean, hey, good is nice and all, but why settle for just ‘good’ when you can have ‘great’ or ‘astonishing’ instead? 

Speaking of astonishing...we’ve got a little something for you. Introducing BeFunky Express, our fabulous (and most definitely wonderful) Mac App and Photos ExtensionDeveloped specifically for Mac and OS X El Capitan, BeFunky Express is fitted with the most innovative photo editing technology we could get our hands on.

Skin Smoothing Tool

Time to make those less than stellar days where the camera just doesn’t seem to love us a thing of the past. Created using an advanced Photoshop technique called frequency separation, the BeFunky Express Skin Smoothing Tool helps you to get rid of pesky blemishes and imperfections while still keeping your skin texture present. Think of it as a unicorn, because there's NOTHING ELSE out there that allows you to achieve such professional results.



Not to pat ourselves on the back too much, but boy oh boy is this one a goodie!

Short for High Dynamic Range, HDR is a technique by which the full dynamic range of light is consolidated into one photo so that it captures both the full shadow and highlight details without looking washed out. This technique is usually achieved by taking multiple photos at different exposure levels and combining them together to yield one photo that shows only the most colorful, well-lit and focused parts of the scene. 

Our tool actually mimics true HDR through a technique called tone mapping, this allows for you to independently adjust the levels of your shadows and highlights. You won't find a better HDR tool than this one, that's for sure!


Auto Fix

Looking for a quick touch up that’ll enhance your photos without a lot of time intensive photo editing? While most "auto fix/enhance" tools barely work or they turn your skin the color of a Dorito, our Auto Fix tool is built off our aforementioned HDR tool and is guaranteed to beautifully enhance any photo! Call it a diamond in the rough, cause there's nothing quite so magnificent and easy to use out there. 

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Skin Tone

Sweet and smart? BeFunky Express' Skin Tone feature is just that. It allows you to easily adjust the skin tone level within your photo, and it's so smart that'll automatically detect your skin tones in your selection and only apply the effect to those areas. Hello, perfect selfie.

Teeth Whiten

Save yourself a whole load of money on teeth whitening products and zap your pearly whites with the Teeth Whiten tool to debut a whole new look. Just adjust your intensity and you’re good to go.


Eye Brighten

Whether you’re really under the weather or you’re just hungover from last night, the Eye Brighten tool allows you to quickly perk up your look by adjusting the brightness level in the whites of your eyes. Take that, therapeutic cucumbers over the eye.

Bonus: with the BeFunky Express Photos Extension, you don’t even need to leave your Photos app to have the editing experience of a lifetime. Simply open up your photo, click Extensions and select BeFunky from the drop down menu. Voila!

Can't wait to get your hands on all this wonderfulness? We thought so. Download BeFunky Express here.

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