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DIY Holiday Cards In No Time!

By BeFunky | Inspiration

Time to get jolly, y’all. Whether it’s through a nice, generous mugful of extra-strength eggnog, a steaming cup of cocoa or even a plate of freshly baked gingerbread cookies, when it comes down to it the holidays are really about one thing: giving.

Not just presents, but, yes oh yes, holiday cards, too! Think about it. Hallmark holiday card aisle. Envision it with me.

dear santa meme with befunky

Remember the days where you would buy a stack of 100 holiday cards with glittery winter scenes and write out each individual message even for your great aunt Mabel who you’ve never even met and...nope. Nope nope nope. Let me spare you the trouble.

Instead of spending all that money on store-bought cards, why not just design one on the fly real quick?

With that being said, perhaps there’s no better time than the present to announce that BeFunky’s come up with a whole line of holiday card templates available just for you. And three of the designs are even (gasp) free! If you’re a BeFunky Plus account holder though, man oh man, you get the real good stuff. Signing up for Plus will get you access to every template and tool across our entire Creative Platform (that means every feature ever made for our Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Graphic Designer) for $6.99/month, which, dare I say, is less than one holiday card you’d buy at Hallmark. I digress.

We had our design team whip up some stunning templates and put them all together in one nice, cozy little place in the Graphic Designer for your convenience. Not to be biased or anything...but check out a couple of these bad boys.

DIY Christmas cards with BeFunky
DIY holiday card templates from BeFunky
DIY Christmas Cards from BeFunky

Make It Your Own

Now time for the fun stuff. Whether it’s your jam to hire a family photographer for your yearly holiday shots or you want to put together a compilation of your favorite Instagram posts over the last year, we’ve made it really simple for you to drag and drop your photos right into these templates and personalize to your fancy.

Start by heading to the Graphic Designer in your web browser of choice and clicking on Greeting Cards from the Templates panel. Then click on Winter Holiday to find the template of your holiday card dreams.

DIY holiday cards with BeFunky

Once you’ve found a winner, head over to the Image Manager and upload the photos you want to incorporate into your card.

BeFunky Graphic Designer

Pro Tip: If you're looking for some excellent holiday stock photography, click the "..." button next to the Computer button to access Pixabay's searchable library of over 770,000 free stock photos!

From here you can drag and drop the images into the template by hovering them over the existing images. Even if you have a less than stellar photo to work with, you can click on any photo once it’s in the template and select ‘open image in Editor’ to open it into the Photo Editor straightaway. Talk about service.


You can customize your card as much as you’d like by clicking on the text in the template and changing the font, adding new text, changing the background color, and adding graphics. The sky really is the limit!

Make your own holiday card free

The final result? Modest, yet tasteful.

make your own holiday cards with BeFunky

From here you can print them off to send by mail or save a digital version for emailing or posting to your social media platform of choice! And you get the satisfaction of saying you made it yourself - even your great Aunt Mabel will be impressed.

Get your holiday card design on with us.

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