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Why Your Pins Aren’t Getting Saved and 5 Things You Can Do to Change That

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

Starting an account on Pinterest can be a difficult platform to navigate since it works so differently from social platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Getting your business account off the ground is a great way to strengthen your brand and also utilize the platform for things like driving traffic to your site and organizing your goals for the year.

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It is hard to know what Pins perform well until you have enough of them pinned that you can start seeing the data. Sometimes you might have a pin go viral, and other times your engagement starts to dip. But what do you do if your engagement starts to decline and users aren’t pinning your Pins as rapidly as they used to?

Before getting into the tips, it is important to know why people use Pinterest in the first place. Once we understand that, we can then analyze why your Pins might not be performing well and what you can do to change that!

Understanding Why People Use Pinterest

Users Pin content that is either relevant to them, or something that they simply like. This could be a recipe, outfit idea, design inspiration, or a quote. Pins are saved to a users’ board because they want to reference it at a later time – so it is important to note that your Pin needs to be so relevant and engaging that they will not only Pin it, but it will catch their attention at a later time when they want to take action.

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Before putting any of the below tips into action, you first need to figure out what you are using Pinterest for. Do you want to post inspirational images? Or share a recipe and link those recipes to drive traffic to your blog? Are you trying to strengthen your brand and want a visual platform to do so? Answering questions like these will help you decide how you want to approach using Pinterest and will give you a goal that you can compare your analytics to.

5 Things You Can Do to Get Your Pins Pinned

These tips will give you the information you need in order to get people to start re-pinning your Pins! When you are ready to start creating more Pins, head to BeFunky’s Graphic Designer for all of the Pinterest templates you need.

1. Update Your Designs for the Greatest Impact

If your designs are outdated, users will most likely scroll past them. Pinterest is a visually competitive platform. If you think about it, thousands of brands are posting content on there every day and this creates a competitive environment that drives trends. Each season, there are certain graphic design trends and fashion trends that perform better than the ones that were performing well just the season before. The best way to see the trends is to use the platform yourself!

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Pay attention to these trends so that you can create content like it or know how far you can push the boundary before the content that you are posting becomes irrelevant. If you want to know what images perform well, check out this article

2. Get Better at Using Keywords

Keywords are king! Pinterest doesn’t just prioritize visual content, but written content as well. It is a search engine; and with search engines, you need descriptive text for a user to find your content. If you are not using good keywords then users will not be able to properly search for your Pins!

I always ask myself, “How would I search for this Pin?” If I wanted to find this Pin, what would I type in the search bar, hoping that this Pin would appear? Make sure that the words you are using in the title and description box are relevant to your image and the link it connects to.

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You can also use tools like Keysearch and Pindoto. You can also use Pinterest’s keyword targeting. This is a helpful post if you want to get better at using keywords to target your audience.

Using buzzwords or power words is also extremely helpful when writing descriptions. “How to Get More Followers” sounds a lot different than “Boost Engagement on Your Posts” – one title is more attention-grabbing than the other. Figure out what buzzwords perform well in your category and start implementing them in your Pins.

3. Post More How-Tos or Listicles

“How To” Pins and List Pins perform the best on the platform. The reason is that they are helpful and often a condensed version of a longer-form article. Bite-sized content is very popular right now on every platform – this is just Pinterest’s version of it.

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I see this type of content with business marketing and branding companies posting simplified infographics of their processes. Usually, the link connects to a longer form article so the user can get more information if they want it. People like Pins that are quick and easy because they are often on the platform to find help with something. The quicker you can get them that help, and communicate it in a very simplified way, the more likely they are to Pin your content and come back to it later for reference.

How can you create more “How To” Pins? What are some useful and relevant tips that you could share in list form?

4. Is Your Content Enticing Users to Engage?

Here is where we will deep dive into Pinterest analytics. There is a major difference between impressions and engagement. You can get thousands of impressions, with only a dozen engagements. The importance of this analysis is going to depend on your goal from above. If you want to grow your brand awareness, impressions are great, as these are the total number of times your Pin could have been viewed. If you want to convert those metrics to website views or customers, then you need to look at engagements, which are the number of clicks and saves each of your Pins have gotten.

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You will need to look at engagement metrics in order to see what your followers prefer clicking on and saving versus the Pins they simply view. If you want to know how to get more clicks on your images, check out this article. Implementing good design, using multiple product images on a single Pin, and making Pins tall and narrow are all helpful tips for creating Pins that get clicked.

5. Target Demographic and Timing Posts

It is always important to know your target demographic, and in this case who you’re creating Pins for. What is your demographic is interested in? Now, it might be simple to say that your target demographic is mothers between the ages of 28-42, but what type of content are they actually saving?

Let’s say that you are a recipe blog and your target demographic is the one listed above. That target demographic can be considered the “Busy Mom.” Busy moms probably need quick and easy recipes. If your Pins are long-form recipes that are complex, then you may not be creating relevant content for your actual demographic. 

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You need to make sure that the Pins you are creating are in alignment with what your followers are looking for on Pinterest. Recipe Pins that perform well on Pinterest are often 30-minute recipes. If produce content like this and your demographic also is in alignment with this kind of content, you will naturally create Pins that get clicks. 

Lastly, when is this target demographic using Pinterest? You can do a simple search to find this out. Schedule your Pins to release around the time that your users are online. This will really help to boost your engagement.

Get More Clicks On Your Pinterest Pins

Following the tips above will help you get more clicks and engagement on your Pinterest Pins. When you are ready to start creating, use BeFunky’s Graphic Designer to create unique Pins that catch the attention of Pinterest users. 

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