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How To Create Pinterest Images That Go Viral (And Drive Traffic)

By Melanie Doncas | Collage Maker Tutorials

Pinterest might seem like the new kid on the social media block, but with over 200 million active users and counting, this platform means big business! Pinterest describes itself as the “world’s catalog of ideas”, however it offers so much more than just inspiration. In fact, Pinterest had become the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media sites within just three years of its existence, beating other popular platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Just imagine all of those extra eyes being referred to your own content!

Here’s the catch though: with over 100 billion pins already on the platform, it can be pretty hard to stand out from the crowd. If you want to harness the magical powers of Pinterest, you have to know the secrets to creating eye-catching pins worthy of a click-through.

how to make a Pin go viral

Thankfully, this is where BeFunky’s Collage Maker comes to the rescue, helping you to easily create viral pins within a few clicks of your mouse. Don’t believe us? Just ask Chrissa Benson from Physical Kitchness. The successful blogger used BeFunky to design her pins and ended up increasing her blog following by 400% in one year as a result! You’ll certainly want to keep reading, because we’re going to reveal how you too can achieve Pinterest success.

Anatomy of a Viral Pin

So, what exactly makes Pinterest images go viral? There are actually four key elements to creating the perfect pin for Pinterest:

Beautiful Pin-worthy images

It probably comes as no surprise, but bright, crisp, and colorful images work best on Pinterest. After all, you want to instantly grab your viewer’s attention and convince them that your pin is pretty enough to be displayed in their own feed! Images that are eye-catching are often re-pinned so the viewer can come back to them later, increasing the chances of having them click-through to view your equally-as-beautiful content. So, when it comes to creating viral pins, ditch the dark and blurry photos and embrace images that ‘pop’ instead!

A clear, catchy title with two complimentary fonts

Pinterest acts as a platform for its users to endlessly scroll through until something catches their eye. While it can be tempting to simply pin a single photo straight from your blog post, it’s way more effective to create one featuring a clear and catchy title using just two complimentary fonts. Why? Because this instantly tells the viewer what your blog post is about, eliminating the guess work and actually encouraging them to click-through and read it. Utilizing multiple, clashing fonts just creates a visual mess for the viewer, so sticking to two complimentary fonts makes your pin both aesthetically-pleasing and easy to read.

how to title Pinterest Pins

Includes your site / blog’s URL

Including this information on your pin doesn’t just reinforce your ownership of the image, but it also helps to drive awareness of your website or blog. After a while, fellow pinners will start seeing your name pop-up more and more, making you appear as an authoritative source within your chosen niche. It also ensures that pinners will still know the source of your content, just in case an error occurs and your pin stops automatically diverting them to your chosen link.

Vertical design

Pinterest’s grid-like feed makes vertically-oriented pins more eye-catching, as they take up more space than horizontal images. While pins will appear at just 238 pixels wide when shrunken-down to be viewed in the feed, Pinterest recommends designing your vertical pins to be 735 pixels wide with a length no larger than 2,061 pixels, as any longer will cut off the image. These dimensions will ensure your pins still look crisp, clear, and beautiful when presented as thumbnails in the feed.

ideal size for Pinterest Pin

While one big, vertical image is effective as a pin, so too is a collage of images in vertical orientation. It just depends on how you want to present your pin’s content. Thankfully, BeFunky’s Collage Maker lets you experiment with both of these formats, and we’re going to show you how in the tutorials below!

How To Design A Pin With Multiple Images

If creating a collage-style pin with multiple images is how you want to present your content, BeFunky has a plethora of layouts that will suite your needs. To start designing, you’ll want to head to the Collage Maker, before clicking on Layouts in the left menu. From here, navigate to the Pinterest category and select a template that takes your fancy!

how to make pins for Pinterest
Pro Tip:

You can adjust the width and height of your chosen template by clicking on its edges and dragging them with your mouse. You can also repeat this process on individual cells to alter their size.

Next, you’ll want to upload your desired images into the Image Manager so you can arrange them into your template. To do this, click on Image Manager in the left menu (the first option). From here, you can upload images from your computer, or clicking on the button with three dots (next to Computer) will also allow you to upload an image from Befunky, Facebook, or even Pixabay’s extensive library of free-to-use stock photos.

how to create Pinterest images with BeFunky

Now you can start dragging and dropping your images into their chosen cells. If you’re not happy with an image’s placement, you can simply drag it into another cell to reposition it.

how to make a collage for Pinterest in BeFunky
Pro Tip:

Want to change the background color of your layout? You can do so by navigating to Settings. From here, you can also edit other features such as Spacing, Corner Rounding, Width, and Height.

With your images perfectly in place, it’s time to add a clear and catchy title! You can do this by navigating to Text in the left menu. You can either select a Text Preset from the list and customize it, or click the Add Text button to start your text overlay from scratch.

how to add text to Pinterest pins in BeFunky

When you select your text, a Text Properties toolbar appears which allows you to edit Font Family, Font Size, Spacing, Paragraph, Color, Opacity, and more.

how to make a Pinterest Pin title in BeFunky

Once your pin is looking perfect, the final step is to share it, and there are a few ways to do this. You can choose to share your newly-designed Pin straight to Pinterest by selecting the Share button at the top of the Collage Maker. This eliminates the need to save your Pin to your computer, but if you feel the need to save the file before sharing it, select the Save button at the top of the Collage Maker.

how to upload Pins to Pinterest

There, you can save it to a destination such as your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox, before uploading it to Pinterest!

how to create a collage Pin with BeFunky

How To Design A Single Image Pin

Did you know you can also delete the individual cells of any layout so that it just represents a single-image template in perfect vertical form? To do this, select a template from the Pinterest category, before deleting every cell except for one. To delete cells, click on any empty cell in the template and a tab will appear, allowing you to either Add Image or Delete Cell. Simply click Delete Cell to do so.

how to create Pinterest images in BeFunky

Once your layout resembles a single cell, you can then repeat the rest of the pin creation process as outlined above, including inserting your desired image and adding text. You can also make your pin longer or wider by dragging the template’s edges inwards or outwards with your mouse.

free Pinterest Pin maker BeFunky

If your pin needs some extra pizazz, why not add-in some of the Collage Maker’s graphics? You’ll find a whole range of lines, shapes, symbols, and more by navigating to Graphics in the left menu.

Pinterest tips for designing Pins

Once you’re completely happy with how your pin looks, it’s time to share it straight to Pinterest via the Share button. Alternatively, you can save it to a destination such as your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox via the Save button, then upload it to Pinterest manually. Either way works, but be sure to follow the additional tips for success below!

how to drive traffic with Pinterest images

More Pinterest Tips For Success

Now that you know how to create pin-worthy images for Pinterest using BeFunky’s Collage Maker, it’s time to reveal some extra tips for ultimate success on the platform! Creating the Pin and uploading it to Pinterest is just the beginning - taking these extra measures will really help it stand out:

Schedule pins with Tailwind

Like every other social media platform out there, Pinterest also has optimal times for you to pin content to ensure as many of your followers are online to see it. Understandably though, you can’t be on Pinterest around the clock, particularly if your peak audience times just happen to coincide with work or when you’re fast asleep! This is where tools such as Tailwind come in handy. Not only does it tell you the best times to post to your audience, but it also lets you schedule pins and analyze your results. Placing your beautifully-designed pins in front of a larger audience will certainly boost engagement and referral traffic!

Join group boards

Group boards allow multiple users to pin content to a specific board and usually revolves around a certain theme, such as recipes, fashion, or blogging tips (for example). The great thing about group boards is that when you pin your content to the board, it is also exposed to not just everyone who is part of that board, but to their Pinterest following too! That’s one quick and easy way to put your pin in front of thousands of more eyes.

drive traffic to blog with Pinterest

Embrace SEO

You’ve probably already heard of using SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) when writing blog posts and other online content, and Pinterest is certainly no different! Because the platform essentially works like a search engine, you also need to embrace SEO principles when writing descriptions for your pins, boards, and profile bio. Try to think about the keywords or phrases someone would use when searching for your topic or the specific subject relating to your pin. For example, a food blogger might use terms such as ‘vegan’, ‘organic’, or ‘gluten-free’ when writing the description of their recipe-related pin to ensure this content will appear in their target audience’s search results.

Now that you know all you need to know, it’s time to boost your traffic with Pinterest. Thanks to BeFunky’s Collage Maker, you can create highly-successful pins for Pinterest in just a few clicks. Starting with the link below!

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