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How To Rock Your Pinterest Business Page

By Melanie Doncas | Basic Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

When Pinterest launched some years ago, people were skeptical. The concept of a digital moodboard was great, but surely it would never outrank its social media competitors in terms of users. Fast-forward to the present day and Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social media platform among U.S. adults (trailing just behind Facebook and Instagram). How’s that for success?

There’s just no denying how impactful Pinterest is, particularly when used to promote and market your business. You see, a recent study found that 93% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases, while 55% of Pinterest users shop on the site. That’s more than 4 times the rate of other digital platforms! Over one million businesses are already using Pinterest to reach their customers (and judging by these statistics, they can’t be wrong).

pinterest business statistics

Today we’ll be focusing on how you can harness Pinterest to boost your business, including setting up the perfect page, profile image, and branded pins. Let’s get started!

All About Your Pinterest Business Page

Pinterest works in a few different ways. Users can search for things they’re interested in, browse their home feeds for new ideas or look at other people’s boards to see what catches their eye. Whether it’s a new clothing range, item of furniture, or blog advertisement - once you ‘pin’ an image, others will start to see that pin in their home feed and search results. In other words, as soon as you start putting your business out there on Pinterest, others will find you in a matter of minutes.

We know what you’re thinking though: how can I get lots of followers? Because Pinterest is essentially a social media platform, the answer probably won’t surprise you. Here’s how you can get found and grow your following:

  • Pin regularly
  • Follow other like-minded users (including your competitor’s followers)
  • Use relevant hashtags and keywords in your pin, board, and profile descriptions
  • Comment on pins
  • Add relevant URLs to your pins (i.e. to direct users back to the product’s sales page or a particular blog post)
  • Start your own group board

Now that we’ve got that sorted, it’s time to discuss the most important components of any successful Pinterest account!

The Profile Photo

Often, your profile photo is one of the first things a user will notice about your account, especially if they’ve clicked through to your profile page. This is why it’s super important for you to use this circular space to convey your branding, or even to offer a glimpse into the personality behind the business.

best size for pinterest profile image

We recommend using either a high-quality image of your logo, or even a professional portrait of yourself if you wish to connect on a more personal level with your audience.

The Page Description

Just because the page description is textual, as opposed to visual, it doesn’t mean your branding stops here! This is the perfect space to further strengthen your brand, including your voice and what your business is all about. Your description should match that of your website or blog, plus you should try to keep it short and sweet.

how to set up a business Pinterest page

Remember, the more concise, the bigger the impact.

Your Pinterest Boards

Pinterest users will either choose to follow your entire profile, or specific boards from your profile, so it’s vital that these also remain on-point. You’ll want to create boards that have topics or an aesthetic that’s relevant to your niche. You can even use the board cover to highlight your best pin, or why not create a custom-designed board cover to make it truly unique?

custom pinterest board covers

Your Pinterest Pins

Let’s face it, Pinterest is all about the pins, so you’ll want to ensure yours are as awesome as they can be. Firstly, you’ll want your pins to be the most ideal size, measuring 600 x 900 pixels. Previously, pins would appear at 736 pixels wide in dimensions, but Pinterest is now recommending a 2:3 proportion as optimal (otherwise longer pins will be cropped in the overview, cutting off some of your content).

best size for pinterest pins

Additionally, you’ll only want to use high-quality and visually-pleasing images in your pins, and it’s vital that you link these back to your blog or website. If someone is interested in what your pin is promoting, they’ll want to click-through to gain more information or make a purchase. It’s also important that you watermark your pins with your own logo in order to increase brand awareness and draw Pinners back to the original source.

How To Create The Perfect Pinterest Profile Image

Are you ready to transform your Pinterest profile, starting with your profile image? Here’s what you need to do to get started. Firstly, you’ll want to head to the BeFunky Photo Editor and upload your desired portrait or business logo. Next, select Crop from the Edit menu on the left.

how to create a pinterest profile photo

Since your Pinterest profile image measures 165 x 165, you’ll want to crop the image or logo into a square. If your image or logo is larger than 165 x 165 (like ours is!), simply select the box for "lock aspect ratio" while cropping your logo into a perfect square. From here, you can drag the corners of the square in or out to either decrease or increase your selection. Once you’re happy with your crop, just click on the blue check mark button to apply.

how to crop photos for pinterest profile image

Next up, you’ll need to resize your cropped image to the desired Pinterest profile image dimensions. Select Resize from the Edit menu (underneath Crop), then alter the Width and Height measurements to 165 pixels each. Looking good? Just click the blue check mark to apply your edit.

how to resize image for pinterest profile

Ta-da! All that’s left to do is to save your profile image by selecting Save in the top menu. From here, you can save your image to your Computer, ready to upload directly to your Pinterest profile.

How To Create Branded Pinterest Pins

Now that your profile image is totally on-brand, we’re going to show you how you can also create branded Pinterest pins using the BeFunky Collage Maker. First up, we’ll walk you through the process of creating an ideal sized collage style pin, followed by a single image pin.

Collage Style Pins

To begin, head over to the BeFunky Collage Maker, before navigating to Layouts in the menu on the left. There’s a Pinterest folder dedicated to layouts which have been designed with this platform in mind. Alternatively, you can select any vertical layout that takes your fancy (keeping in mind the ideal 2:3 pin ratio).

pinterest pin collage maker by BeFunky

Next, you’ll need to add your chosen images to make the pin as eye-catching and pin-worthy as possible. Select the Images/Layers tab from the left menu to insert images from your Computer, as well as BeFunky, Facebook, or from our huge database of free-to-use stock photos. Play around with the layout of your photos manually by dragging and dropping each image into its desired cell.

how to make a collage pin for Pinterest

Once you’re happy with your collage, it’s time to resize the template to the perfect pin size. To do this, click on Customize in the menu and adjust the template to a 2:3 ratio (we’ve chosen the ideal size of 600 x 900). You can also customize other elements of your pin, including Background Color, Spacing, and Corner Rounding.

how to design pinterest pins

To finish your pin, we recommend adding relevant text, along with a watermark of your business name or logo to ensure its original source is always recognized. To add text, navigate to Text (the letter ‘A’) in the menu. Click Add Text and a Text Properties toolbar appears, along with a text box that’s ready to be customized. To edit, simply click the text box and start typing. You can also drag your text box with your mouse to rearrange its position. From the Text Properties toolbar, you can also edit elements such as the Font, Font Size, Font Color, Spacing, Alignment, and more. The best part about adding text to photos in BeFunky is f you've got a font stored on your Computer that you want to use, you can easily add it to the font list and use it right away! 

Pinterest pin maker by BeFunky

It's a really good idea to add a watermark to your Pins so they always indicate the original source. You can easily create your own watermark in BeFunky, but if you already have one to add, click on Graphics in the menu on the left, followed by Add Your Own. Simply upload your desired watermark, before dragging it into place on your pin.

how to add a watermark to a Pinterest pin

There you have it! All that’s left to do is to save your pin by clicking the Save menu at the top of the Collage Maker.

how to save a Pin to Pinterest from BeFunky

You can choose to save your Pin to a variety of destinations on your Computer, save it As A Project (in editable format) to create your own working template, or to pin it directly to your Pinterest page by clicking the More tab.

Single Image Pins 

Want to make a pin containing just a single image instead? No problem! The Collage Maker has you covered there as well. To begin, open BeFunky’s Collage Maker, before navigating to Layout. Choose any vertical pin that takes your fancy (we recommend looking at the Grid templates!). You’ll then want to delete each cell until you have just one single image template. To do this, just click on each cell and select Delete Cell.

how to make a single image Pin in befunky

You’ll then need to resize your template to its perfect Pinterest proportions (a ratio of 2:3), so navigate to Customize in the left menu to do just that. For this pin, we’ll be sticking with 600 x 900. Now you can add your desired image to your pin by clicking on Images/Layers in the menu. You can upload an image from your Computer, as well as BeFunky, Facebook, or from our library of free stock photos. Once your image is uploaded, simply drag it and drop it into your template.

design tips for Pinterest pins

Next, it’s time to add eye-catching text to give your pin some context. Select Text from the menu, followed by Add Text. From here, you can customize your text until your heart’s content using the Text Properties menu.

how to add text to photos in BeFunky

One of the final, most important steps is to add your watermark. This increases brand awareness and ensures the pin’s original creator can always be tracked. Navigate to Graphics, before clicking Add Your Own. Then you can select your watermark file and drag it onto your template before saving your Pin to your Computer or Pinterest page.

branded Pinterest pins

There’s no denying the strong impact Pinterest can have on your business. Not only is the platform very simple to use, but it’s also a whole lot of fun! Are you ready to rock your business Pinterest profile? Head to BeFunky to get started.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

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