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Instagram Trends That Will Get You More Followers And Likes

By Lori Hil | Inspiration

Instagram launched in October 2010. Over 20 billion photographs have been shared on the site since then. 70 million new photos are shared each day. ~LinkedInPulse

That's a lot of competition, but also a lot of opportunity! Visual media seems to be where it is at these days and that does not look to change anytime soon. So, if you are wondering how you can better use the platform to share your company, create a signature look for your small business or personal brand, then you have come to the right post.

What is trending on Instagram and what types of photos get the best engagement? Let's have a look...

Tips On Photo Types, Hashtags, and Filters to Up Your Instagram Game

Go Monochromatic

Apparently, more color does not = more engagement. According to Entrepreneur, pictures with a single dominant color get 40% more likes. Instead of upping the vibrancy, you may want to try toning it down. As an example, you can see that the photo on the left has an increased vibrancy, where the photo on the right is more chromatic giving it a vintage feel.


Fortunately for you, the Befunky Photo Editor makes this change super easy. You can simply select "Chromatic" under Effects and choose your filter.

Instagram Tips

The lower saturation factor is a reason why Mayfair remains one of the more popular filters.

According to all this wisdom, filters such as Mayfair, Rise, Valencia, Hefe, and Nashville are good choices if you're looking to maximize your views, likes, and comments. Instagram must have realized this, given that most of its recent filter additions — Lark, Slumber, and Aden, to name a few — add a warm-yellow or pinkish hue to images. Filters like Lo-Fi and X-Pro II, however, are both very saturated, so not as likely to get you a ton of likes. ~Refinery29

Images with low saturation, even black and white, stand out in the feed and generate more likes. You can adjust your saturation easily under Color in the Edits panel of the Photo Editor.

Just look at how attractive this dalmatian photo is with only two main colors:

Black and White Photo

Up The Texture

Texture adds interest to your photos. Forget that modern "clean slate" look. There's a whole slew of textures waiting just to be used in the BeFunky Photo Editor just for you.


If you happen to have a photo that is lacking texture and interest, you can try using the Grunge or Stenciler in Photo Effects. This is an OK photo...


but, add a hint of texture, and it looks more artistic!


Utilize Negative Space

Photos with a higher amount of background showing get more likes. Some objects look better with their surroundings. The background adds to the story.


*Insights via Curalate

Want to increase your likes even more? Add popular hashtags, just make sure they are appropriate to your photo. A few of the most liked hashtags are #Sky #instalike #clouds #bestoftheday...the list goes on!

What has been your most successful Instagram trend? Let us know in the comments!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified