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How Pinterest Can Change Your Life

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

Making life changes can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. This is why I love Pinterest. Not only is it a searchable database, but it relies mostly on visual Pins, which makes it super handy to visually plan out any projects you want to start. 

I love using Pinterest for all sorts of projects. Whether I am showing a client a board that I’ve made to better understand their direction, or I want to redesign my room makeover – it's a tool that has it all.

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We are going to go over the top ways that Pinterest can change your life. It is a bold statement, but I have seen Pinterest at play in so many areas of my life that I wanted to show you how you can use this tool in order to change yours too. Here are the top ways that I use Pinterest to change my life.

1. Find Inspiration for Your Next Project

Pinterest is the best place on the internet to find inspiration for your next project. Whether you are working on a design project or home improvement project, or simply finding a new recipe to try out, all you have to do is search for what you want inspiration for in Pinterest’s search bar – it will provide you thousands of Pins to look through and catch inspiration from.

find project inspo on pinterest

I have used Pinterest countless times when I was working as a designer and needed to figure out what my client's visions were. This saved me countless hours of shooting in the dark, so I feel it is a great tool that every designer should be utilizing.

2. Grow Your Finances

Pinterest is a great tool to use if you want to grow your finances. Not only can you find a vast amount of financial advice from advisors, but you can also search for things like “money tips”, “finance tips”, and “investment tips” to learn more about how to save, invest, and make your money work for you.

If you are a digital marketer, using affiliate links on Pinterest is a great way to promote products and get a kickback, without having to put a lot of work into it.

3. Market Your Business

Using a free platform that promotes your products is a huge upside to using Pinterest – you can even start a Pinterest for your business by opening a business page. Once you have a business page started, you can create Pins that promote your products and courses – you can even create shoppable Pins! This is a great option to use if you have Etsy products you’ve made that you want to sell more of. 

shop similar pinterest

4. Update Your Home Environment

Looking to update your home, give it a renovation, or revive your home space? Home spaces are so important and Pinterest is a great place to find interior decoration inspiration. I love finding inspiration to spruce up a space, even if it means finding new furniture pieces or doing a DIY project like a coffee table. 

I have searched Pinterest countless times to look for room aesthetics and paint colors that I like. Sometimes it is helpful to see the paint color you’re choosing in a real environment and Pinterest provides enough options for rooms that have used the same color you are looking at! 

interior design pinterest

After the overall makeover, I like seeing how people decorate their spaces with furniture and pillows and often search for color palettes with the color I have chosen as the main paint color. I will search for things like “brown color palettes” or “desert aesthetic room design” to get a better look into how other people decorate these kinds of spaces.

5. Organize Your Life

Pinterest is a great place to search for organizational tips. You can find tips and info to organize your home, bedroom, or pantry. I love using Pinterest for home office organizational tips as well – especially since the majority of us are working from home, even part-time!

You can also organize your individual Pinterest boards to use as a digital planner or vision board for the year. I usually have a board set up for the year, broken down by month, so that I can organize my year in advance and see it at a glance for my family and I. I include family vacations and outings, meals, self-care evenings, and house cleaning schedules and tips.

6. Recipes and Meal Management

Pinterest is known for the thousands of recipes that bloggers have shared on the platform. I don’t know another platform that boasts this size of recipe catalog. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to recipes and meal management so that I can easily plan my meals out for the week, without having to think much about it at the moment or scramble last minute. This has drastically changed my life for the better, especially when it came to finding quick and healthy snack recipes that I could grab on short notice. 

meal planning pinterest

If you are a parent out there with a picky eater, there are so many great recipes for kids who don’t feel adventurous with their food. Whatever your meal-related troubles are, a simple search into Pinterest will give you so many solutions to choose from and get you back on track with your meals!

7. Update Your Self-Care Routine

I cannot tell you how often I have used Pinterest when I am in a mental funk. I have entire boards dedicated to quotes that have inspired me during these times and I relied on them heavily to refocus my mindset. I include this in the self-care tip because self-care truly stems from a mindset shift. 

self care pinterest

It can be difficult to know how to build a self-care routine, so I’ve used Pinterest to search for these things and build my own. You can create a full routine or just get some ideas that you write down and refer to later when you need a little pick-me-up. I love finding different baths to create with Epsom salts or essential oils, good books to read, and even new skincare to try.

Using Pinterest As a Tool to Change Your Life

As you can see, there are many ways to use Pinterest as a tool in order to change your life for the better. Not only can you plan out your year to get organized, but you can also get inspiration from projects, and use Pinterest to grow your finances! There really isn’t another tool quite like Pinterest and it is truly indispensable.

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