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The Art Of Still Life Photography

By Nikki | Inspiration

Still life art and photography isn’t necessarily the most exciting style, but it takes a lot of skill to convey a message in such a simple way. The bottom line is that, with a little finesse and imagination, you can still create something beautiful out of something commonplace or ordinary. Come along with me on an adventure today as I frame and edit my way to the perfect still life picture with the BeFunky Photo Editor!

Finding Your Subject:

A Still Life photo can have many kinds of subject depending on how you want your pictures to look. For my photo, I wanted to throw it back to the classic still life subject of a lovely bowl of fruit:

Still Life Photography Fruit Bowl

This automatically gives my photo an old school artistic feel and opens it to tons of editing opportunities.

Framing The Shot:

With Still Life, I encourage you to try many angles and lighting tricks to experiment with how you want your photos to look. For me, I decided to shoot my subject from a slightly heightened, overhead angle (top-down photography is always a great idea) to add some extra dimension, though shooting it straight-on would have also given that classic look. For example:

Still Life Photography fruit bowl

While the framing of this photo would, too, lend itself to some wonderful edits, my goal is to show dimension with my photo, which is why I chose the image taken slightly from above.

In order to bring out the colors in my subject, I utilized natural sunlight to get the subtle lighting that will lend itself perfectly to an array of different editing techniques and choice of photo effects.


I love minimalist edits for my photos, so I use BeFunky's editing tools on nearly every photo I post or share. To liven up my Still Life fruit bowl image, I first go to Beautify and apply it at 50% to add warmth to my photo and bring out the gorgeous natural colors of my fruit:

Still Life Photography BeFunky Beautify

Then, I go to the Exposure section and use Fill Light at 25% to brighten the photo and amp up the shadows to 10% to add a bit of dimension and drama:

Still Life Photography BeFunky Exposure

Lastly, I add the Sharpen tool at 15% just to add a little definition to my subject and make the image sharper to the eye.

Still Life Photography BeFunky Sharpen

Now, I have a beautiful minimalist image of something ordinary (and, let's be honest, kind of boring) to showcase the subtle natural beauty of my subject.

Still Life Fruit Bowl BeFunky Edit


Now, I really want to pay homage to the classical style of Still Life art, so I go over the the Artsy effects, find the Watercolor filters, and apply the Watercolor 1 filter to my photo at 100%:

Still Life Photography BeFunky Watercolor photo effect

I'm loving the way my photo looks with this filter! The muted colors and soft edges are reminiscent of a gorgeous painting, and make my photo look exactly how I image a Still Life painting would look.

Next, I want a filter that's a little more modern in color, so I go to the Chromatic filters in the Effects section and apply the Chromatic 2 filter at 75% to keep the natural colors detectable:

Still Life Photography BeFunky Chromatic 2 photo filter

I like this filter because it brings out the vibrancy of the colors of my fruit as well as the wall behind it, and gives this classic artistic subject a cool, modern spin.

It's time to get out there and make those ordinary Still Life photos extraordinary!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified