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Digital Art, Simplified.

Turn your photos into vibrant digital paintings with our Deluxe Edition Digital Art effects.

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What Is Digital Art?

Digital Art is an artistic composition that relies heavily on the use of technology in its creation. It's been around since the 70's and is used mainly for advertising and visual effects for film. Digital Art comes in many forms, most often it's either solely computer generated, drawn using various types of software, or digital paintings sourced from photos.

Digital Art filters by BeFunky

Our World Famous Cartoonizer, Remastered.

BeFunky launched in 2007 with a revolutionary photo to cartoon effect, the Cartoonizer. BeFunky has grown a lot since then, but our Cartoonizer has remained our most popular effect. 10 years later, we're bringing you a new incarnation of the effect that started it all. Based on the same rotoscoping technology used in film, we created an all new Cartoonizer that will give your photos a vibrant graphic novel look with bold lines and stark contrast. Our new Cartoonizer DLX will quickly become one of your favorite effects.

Cartoonizer Digital Art effect by BeFunky

Our Most Popular Artsy Effect Gets A Reboot

Underpainting is a technique that's been used for centuries, it's essentially a base layer of paint used to bring vibrance, contrast, and added tonal values to a painting. Our Underpainting effects are based on this technique and when applied to your photos, they bring out the richness and adds texture that can't be captured with a camera. With our Deluxe Edition Digital Art series, we've made several adjustments to our existing digital painting filters and are excited to present to you the refreshed Underpainting DLX.

Underpainting Digital Art filter by BeFunky

Digital Painting Just Got Easier

Oil painting has been around for centuries. It involves a long process of sketching the subject on canvas, mixing paint for color and to speed-up/slow down the drying process, picking your paint brush, waiting months for the paint to dry, etc. If you love the look of oil paintings but don't have the time or patience to create one from scratch, our Deluxe Edition Art Effects are for you. In one click of our Oil Painting DLX filter, you'll go from photo to art that's worthy of a gallery wall!

Oil Painting Digital Art effect by BeFunky

A New Take On Watercolor

Dating back to early Paleolithic times, watercolor is one of the earliest forms of art. The method involves pigments that are suspended in a hard to manage water based solution and can be applied to nearly any type of material. Our Watercolor DLX digital art filter does a fantastic job at recreating this aesthetic of traditional watercolor without the difficult process of anticipating the behavior of water based pigments. With BeFunky's Photo Editor you'll easily go from picture to watercolor in seconds!

Watercolor Digital Art effect by BeFunky

A Refreshing, New Cross-hatching Effect

Cross-hatching is one of many artistic shading techniques. It's composed of layers of hatching lines applied at various angles to create texture and contrast. Within our Deluxe Edition Digital Art section you'll find a brand new effect that's a digital take on this classic technique. Cross-hatching DLX is dramatically monochrome, full of texture, and big on contrast, this attention grabbing effect will some become one of your favorites.

Cross Hatching Digital Art filter by BeFunky

Pop Art Gets A New Look

Pop art is more than just an art form, it's an artistic counter-culture movement that emerged in the 50's. There are many different types of pop art out there, but for our Pop Art DLX filter we borrowed elements from Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. You'll be enamored by the thick outlines, minimalist color palette, and the color blending of the Ben-Day dots, this is a truly stunning and unique digital art filter.

BeFunky's Digital Art effect

Digital Art, Simplified.

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