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Say Hello To BeFunky’s Newest Filter Collection: Tintype

By Derric | Effects Showcase What’s New

We're constantly updating and improving our apps and that means creating new and innovative photo effects... You could say that our new Tintype filters aren't new, they're based off a process that has been used in photography since the 1850's. But you can call it innovative since we're the first photo editor to make this effect available to all our users :) Tintype filters look fantastic on landscapes and portraits, but any photo can look great with a Tintype filter.

Clothing, Apparel, Sunglasses, Accessories, Accessory, Person
Original image

I used the above photo to make the two below in just a couple clicks...

Face, Person, Human, Clothing, Apparel, Sunglasses
Left: Tintype #2, Medium, 3rd tint option in top row :: Right: Tintype #8, Medium, 3rd tint option in top row
Plot, Plan, Diagram, Word

Pretty cool effect, huh? There are 8 different Tintype frame/texture combinations for you to choose from. Once you find the one you love, click it and your tool menu will open giving you a few options.

Tintype Tints

The first is a series of buttons: lighter, medium, and darker. Those buttons are color channel presets that allow you to adjust the highlights/shadows, changing
the contrast of your image.

Under those buttons you'll see 8 different color options, which allow you to adjust the tint of your image.

You'll also notice the standard BeFunky Effect Amount slider and Paint Mode option which operate the same as with other photo effects.

Now check out how our Tintype filters look on a landscape...

Nature, Mountain, Outdoors, Mountain Range, Tree, Plant
Origninal image
Tintype #7, Lighter, 1st Tint option
Tintype #7, Medium, 1st Tint option
Tintype #7, Darker, 1st Tint option

As you can see, Tintype filters can change how dramatic your image looks and sometimes they'll make your photos a bit more eerie.

And here's what they look like on a portrait...

Collage, Poster, Advertisement, Person, Human, Face
For these I used Tintype #3 and the 3rd Tint option in the top row

We're really excited for this feature and a soon as you try it out you'll be just as excited!! Now get into our photo editor and start creating Tintype masterpieces of your own!

Stay Funky!!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified