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How To Remove An Unwanted Object From Your Photo

By Peter Latriano | Advanced Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

There are a lot of things that can ruin a perfect photograph. Whether it’s a herd of hikers getting in the way of a serene mountain shot, a stranger strolling across your background, that friend who can’t help but photo-bomb every picture or any other unwanted distraction, these kind of untimely appearances can be devastating to the quality of any photo. This is especially true when you spend the time and effort to ensure every element of a great photo is perfectly in place. The last thing anyone wants is for his or her shot to be ruined by unwanted subject matter! But thanks to BeFunky, you never have to worry about anything crossing the path of your photo and spoiling it ever again. With our expert yet easy-to-use Clone Tool, you can cover up unwanted objects and blank spaces in a few simple steps!

Reanimate Your Photographs

Maybe there's an area of your photo you want to cover up, or maybe you’ve used the Cutout tool to remove an unwanted object from your photo and now you're left with blank space. Either way, our Clone tool allows you to cover up any unsightly areas of your photo and make it appear like no photo retouching ever took place! In order to achieve this effect, first upload an image to the Photo Editor. Then, select Touch Up from the menu on the left side of the screen and click on Clone.

clone tool by befunky

Pro Tip: Don't forget that the Clone tool has an Erase option, which will reverse the effects of the tool.

Customizable Cloning for any Photo

For the next step, you will select your source. Your source is the part of your photo you would like to replicate, and then use to cover up the unwanted areas of your photo. You will notice when you hover your mouse over your image, a circular shaped target will appear. This target will be used to select your source. To get started, first adjust Brush Size so that your target is slightly smaller than the size of the area you want to cover up. Then, increase Brush Hardness to create defined lines with your Clone tool, or decrease Brush Hardness for softer lines.

how to erase unwanted objects in photo

Pro Tip: Turning Brush Hardness down creates a soft, feathered outline on your Clone tool, making it easier to blend in with the background.

Advanced Retouching, Simplified.

You’re almost ready to start covering those unwanted areas of your photograph! But first, take your newly adjusted Clone tool and hover it over the part of your photo you would like to recreate. In most cases, this will be the area that is directly next to, above or below your unwanted area. When your target is perfectly placed, click your mouse. Once you do, a second circle will appear. Use this circle to select the part of your photo you would like to cover up.

how to get rid of unwanted objects in photo

Pro Tip: You can make your source selection circles overlap for extra control over the details when using the Clone tool.

Always Convincing, Always Effortless

For your final step, it’s time to cover up that unwanted area! You will notice your two circles are now locked together, and will move around your screen as one photo-editing tool. Remember, your first circle is your source and the second circle is meant to cover your unwanted area. When you’re ready, position your Clone tool so that the second circle is hovering over your unwanted spot. When you click your mouse, your source selection will be recreated over the undesirable section. You can hold down your mouse and drag it to continuously use the Clone tool, or you can get more detailed and cover up your unwanted area one click at a time.

If there is a range of tones in the area you’re filling, you may need to select a new source every time the tone changes, in order to perfectly match the surrounding areas. Once you completely cover the unwanted area in your image, click on the blue check mark button to apply the effect. If the area you used the Clone tool on doesn't seamlessly blend into the surrounding areas of your photo, you can use the blur tool to smooth your editing effects. It will look like no photo retouching ever took place!

how to clone objects in photo

Pro Tip: To select a new Clone source on the fly, hold your Ctrl/Command key and click your new source point.

Final Results

Never let unwanted distractions ruin your photos again. Use the expert and always easy-to-use Clone tool to perfectly cover the unwanted areas of your images!

how to erase background in photo

Photo Retouching, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified