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Our Newest Feature In The Mobile App: Text!

By Derric | Effects Showcase What’s New

If you've updated your BeFunky app, you probably have noticed a few changes. While the app does look different when you first open it up, the look of the editor hasn't changed much. The biggest addition to the mobile app is the ability to add text to your images. I'm going to show you how to use this feature so you'll be the envy of your friends :)

Open up your BeFunky mobile app and either take a photo or pull one from your gallery or camera roll. You have two options here, you can add the text now and then edit your photo or you can edit the photo and then add the text, it's totally up to you.

Hint: If you do add text before editing your photo, any of the effects/filters/frames you add will effect the text as well. In my example I've opted to edit the photo and then add the text.

Located in the top bar between the Frames and Save, you'll see a rectangle with a 'B' in it. That is the text button, now would be a good time to touch it!


You'll see a blue box on the bottom appear that says 'Add Text', hit that and the 'Edit Text' box will pop up on your screen. Type in whatever text you want (sadly Emoji's and some non-English characters aren't available just yet), you can use those three boxes on the top right of the Edit Text box to format your text. If you're only using a word or two alignment won't matter, but if you're creating a meme or some other font heavy image the alignment feature will come in handy! When you're ready just hit 'Done'.


Now you'll see that the basic text has appeared on your image with some huge white dot next to it. That dot is what you use to rotate, reposition, and resize your text.

Hint: To save a step, reposition and resize your text after you pick your font and background.

At the bottom of the screen you'll see a tool bar, hit 'Fonts'. We have six awesome fonts for you to choose from, just touch the one you want and it'll show up on your image.


The next option you have is to change the color of your font, just click 'Color' and your color options will appear. Pick one of the 18 colors by touching it and it will refresh on your image.


Now that you've got a font color, you can surround your text with a colored box by clicking 'Background'. By default there is no box around your text, you can toggle through the colors to get just the right combo or you can click the white box with the red slash if you decide you don't want a text background.


At anytime during this process you can click 'Edit Text' to change the wording or alignment, you can click 'Delete' if you decide you don't want text, or when you're ready you can hit that purple check mark when you're ready to apply the changes!


Remember, if you don't like it, you can always go back in the history and remove the text... play around and experiment with the text feature and you'll come up with some pretty cool effects which is what BeFunky is all about!

Stay Funky :)

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