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The Magic of the Mobile Collage Maker

By Isabelle | Effects Showcase What’s New

Because taking photos is now easier than ever, many of us end up with dozens of new photos a day. Most of our phones are stuffed to the brim with pictures of our friends, ourselves, our food, our vacations, our day-to-day . . . and Instagram only posts ten at a time. Collages, however, let you consolidate multiple photos into one, allowing you to post as many images as your heart desires.

mobile collage supporting 1

With collages, you can make a birthday post for your best friend, put up all the pictures you took at that music festival, show off all the food you’ve been eating this month, and more. But neither iPhones nor Androids allow you to create collages with their default apps, and it’s strangely difficult to find a free mobile collage app that actually works.

Enter the Collage Maker on the mobile BeFunky App. The Collage Maker is completely free to use, and the user-friendly interface means you can complete your collage in just a few clicks. Besides simple collages with premade or custom layouts, you can also add backgrounds, graphics, and text. 

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In this article, we’ll do a deep dive into all the different features of the new mobile Collage Maker, and how to create unlimited unique collages from the convenience of your phone. It’s time to start collaging!

Getting Started With the Collage Maker

To create a basic collage, all you have to do is download the BeFunky mobile app and open the Collage Maker. 

mobile collage open app

From here, you can upload your photos from your camera roll using the Image Manager and add them right to your canvas! 

mobile collage add images


To edit your collage layout for free, you can choose from some premade collage templates in the Grid or Photo Wrap tabs. (Photo Wrap is a great option if you’re trying to showcase the best photo in your collage!) If you’re looking for something a little fancier, you can use the layouts in the Shape tab. And finally, if you want to scroll through several layout options, you can try out the Collage Wizard – this magical tool will generate templates to fit your specific images.

You can also drag the dotted lines between pictures to edit the layout. Use this tool to create a free, customized collage layout just for you.

mobile collage layouts


Once your layout is complete, you can adjust other elements of the collage, like the spacing between photos, the background color, and the size and orientation of your canvas from the Customize tab. Small changes like this make your collage stand out among the rest!

mobile collage customize

Decorating With the Mobile Collage Maker

You may prefer a classic, minimal collage, or you may want to spice it up. Whatever you prefer, the Collage Maker has several customization options that let you make your collage completely your own.


Patterns can be used to add color and texture to a simple collage. To use, just drag them onto the canvas! Here we’ve added a pattern between photos to create some sweet, simple borders.

mobile collage adjust layout


BeFunky has a library full of thousands of vector graphics – kind of like the world’s biggest sticker book. You can add these to your collage to create movement and interest, and to infuse the collage with more of your own personality. 

mobile collage graphics


With the Collage Maker’s Text tool, you can add quotes and phrases to your collages, to sum up your experience. Easily change colors, fonts, and sizes to make sure the text is visible and matches the rest of your collage.

mobile collage text

Create Amazing Collages Right From Your Phone

And there you have it. With the free Collage Maker, not only do you have a simple way to stitch photos together, but you can also create a completely unique piece of art right from your phone. 

mobile collage featured

Now you can make travel collages, birthday posts, scrapbook-style posts, and more in just a few clicks. Try it today with the free BeFunky mobile app!

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