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Inspiration for Creating Sharable and Savable Instagram Feed Carousel Posts

By Rach DePaoli | Inspiration

If you’re having trouble with your Instagram engagement, you may want to consider creating shareable and saveable content as Spencer Barbosa does. We all know that shareable content usually isn’t aesthetic – i.e., quotes and memes. But creating shareable content and shareable posts doesn’t mean you will ruin the aesthetic of your Feed – that is, as long as you use a carousel. 

Carousels are pretty underrated and underused on Instagram when it comes to marketing strategy, but listen to us when we say that they can literally change your engagement in only a few weeks of using them. Hootsuite even says that carousel posts get 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than regular posts. Carousels can be a single post that is connected like in this tutorial, but it can also be used as a random post dump after your initial aesthetic image that works into your Feed. This gives you the best of both worlds where you can post memes and quotes or unflattering candid photos, but can still post an aesthetic first image so that your Feed can stay looking consistent.

Take a look at these examples below where we share some great Instagram carousel content options and feature the ease of using BeFunky’s Photo Editor Overlays when creating content. If you’re looking for more Instagram Tips to Grow Your Small Business, take a look at this article.

5 Types of Instagram Carousel Posts

You can easily elevate your social media posts by using Overlays. If the post doesn’t fit into your Feed, you can put it within a carousel post. If you’re wanting some help with creating an Overlay image, take a look at these 2 Easy Photo Masking Examples to Elevate Your Designs!

Create an Aesthetic Quote

Aesthetic quotes get saved and shared not only because of the quote itself but also because the quote is designed well. These posts are often saved for design inspiration as well as encouragement and are easily sendable like someone would send a card to their friend.

carousel insta quotes

Share a Meme, but Make It Beautiful

Memes are so popular online and meme accounts are generally easy to follow. If you want to capitalize on the engagement that meme sharing gets, put one as the second or third slide of your carousel post. You can either share a screenshot of the meme or create your own version that has a patterned or colored background and fits the colors of your brand.

carousel insta memes

Post a Photo Dump

You can use a carousel post like a diary. Rather than posting content that is only aesthetically pleasing for your Feed, you can post all of those random photos you take throughout the week or month within a carousel. This allows your followers to get a closer look into your life and also allows you to keep a record of your life in a really cool way. People also look at these posts for inspiration, so if there’s a product you really like using or photos from a trip with your favorite places, post them!

carousel insta photo dump

Post Sneak Peaks or Informational Content

This is a great way to show seasonal product lineups. I know a nail polish brand that will post a black-and-white version of their next collection and let their followers guess the colors they are using. Whatever you can do to garner engagement is worth it. If you are more learning-oriented, you can post a general photo of your product and then post the schedule on the next slide so that people can save it or share it with their friends. This is perfect for webinars or classes!

carousel insta info

Before and After Reveals

Not only can you create Before/After Instagram Reels, but this format also works incredibly well for carousel posts. Everyone loves to see a transformation and when you only post the after or “highlight reel” version of your life, people burn out on your content quickly. Reveal what something looked like before you did the transformation, whether that is your skin on a new skincare regime that worked for you or your home remodel – people will swipe to see the work you’ve done.

carousel insta before afer

Elevate Your Instagram Feed Carousel Posts

It is easy to create sharable content by using one of the five methods above. Not only will carousel posts increase your engagement, but it is so simple to throw in some extra content in there for the benefit it gives you. When you are ready to create some valuable, shareable content, open BeFunky’s Graphic Designer to get started!

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