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How To Search Hundreds Of NEW Vector Graphics

By Whitney | What’s New

As BeFunky’s Creative Platform grows, so does our graphics library. Available now in our Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker, you’ll find hundreds of NEW vector graphics and icons to use in your projects! We had our graphic designers hand-select this assortment, and now they’re yours for the taking. There are so many new goodies to choose from, we even added search functionality for you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for!

Here’s a quick video of how the new search functionality can help you find the perfect graphics for all of your projects:

Whatever look you’re going for, we’ve got something for you. Whether you want to add vector graphics to your YouTube channel art, create an infographic, add social media icons to your blog, or add stickers and overlays to your photos, you’ll find the perfect graphics for every situation.

What Is A Vector Graphic?

If the term “vector” has you scratching your head, don’t worry. It’s a technical way of saying that our entire graphic assortment is so high resolution, you can resize them all you want and they’ll remain sharp and in focus. That means you’ll never sacrifice the quality of the graphic, even if you need it scaled to epic proportions.

what is a vector graphic

Using vector graphics as opposed to other graphic file types also means that they’ll take up less space size-wise. You’ll save precious file space and have the best quality graphics and icons you could ever want. A total win win!

How To Search BeFunky’s Graphics Library

No matter what part of our Creative Platform you’re in, you’ll have access to every single vector graphic in our entire library. After clicking on the Graphics tab in the main menu of our Photo Editor or Collage Maker, or the Design Elements tab of our Graphic Designer, you’ll be met with a slick new menu for finding graphics. We’ve created a few ways for you to find all the graphics you’re looking for:

Search By Popular Tags  

Even though the new graphics library is huge, we’ve gone through and tagged every single one with descriptive terms. You’ll be able to search by Popular Tags like Social Media, Wedding, Floral, and more to find graphics that have been tagged with those search terms.

new vector images available in BeFunky

The Popular Tags can be found in the new graphics menu on the left hand side. Simply click them one by one to reveal graphics that match the tags, then select the results you want to use in your project.

Search By Term

In the new graphics menu, you’ll also find a shiny new button titled Search Graphics. This will allow you to type any search term into the designated field to reveal vector graphics that match what you’ve searched for.

free vector images available in BeFunky

When you find the graphics you want to use, simply click on the results and they will automatically be added to the Your Graphics section.

Add Your Own

If you’ve got your very own set of graphics, logos, or icons stored on your Computer, you can use those in your BeFunky projects too! Just click on the Computer button in the Graphics or Design Elements tab, choose your files, and watch them appear in the Your Graphics section.

designing with vector images

Now you can find all the graphics you need, quicker than ever!

How To Access Your Graphics For Photos, Collages, And Designs

In the Your Graphics section of the Graphics or Design Elements tab, you’ll see all of the search results you clicked on. You can either double click the thumbnails beneath the Your Graphics section, or drag-and-drop them onto your photo, collage, or design.

vector graphics in befunky

Once the graphics you want have been added, you can click them to bring up a Graphics Properties menu that’ll let you change the Color Overlay, Blend Mode, Opacity, and more!

customizable vector graphics in befunky

You can also drag the blue circles around each graphic to resize and rotate them however you please. Remember, since all of our graphics are now in vector format, you can make them as large or small as you want without losing a pixel of resolution.

How To Manage Your Graphics Library

The coolest thing is that for all the graphics you add to the Your Graphics section, you can access them seamlessly across any part of BeFunky’s Creative Platform. That means if you want to use the same graphics on a design in the Designer, a photo in the Photo Editor, and a collage in the Collage Maker, the Your Graphics section will feature the same graphics and icons you’ve added! You can basically create your very own mini-library of graphics for quick and easy access.

free vector graphics in befunky

Removing graphics from the Your Graphics section is as easy as hovering over the thumbnail and clicking the x in the bottom right corner. This way, you can always have control over which graphics you want quick access to.

how to use vector images in befunky

With hundreds of new vector graphics to choose from, plus the ability to add your own, we’re certain you’ll find something perfect for every photo, collage, and design. We hope you enjoy all of this new creative freedom!

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