Turn Your Photo Into a Cartoon

With our Cartoonizer™, you can create cartoon pictures online in just one click!

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The Original Cartoon Photo Editor

Back in 2007, we launched our Photo Editor with a single cartoon filter – the Cartoonizer™. It was the easiest and fastest way to turn a photo into a cartoon online without the help of a professional artist. Today, our Cartoonizer™ is still one of our most popular photo editing tools because it's so fun and easy! Our cartoon effects continually evolve with innovations like Cartoonizer™ DLX for better results and Cartoonizer™ GFX for more realistic styles.

Different Cartoonizer™ effects applied to male portrait

Enhance Your Photos With Cartoon Filters

We created our Cartoonizer™ DLX filter to build upon and modernize an already awesome classic effect. Our DLX photo-to-cartoon effect stands out from our classic effects by creating better results and refining the rendering process. This filter focuses on that traditional cartoon aesthetic – blending colors and utilizing bold linework to instantly transform your photo into a cartoon masterpiece. Creating stunning cartoons online has never been easier!

Cartoonizer™ DLX applied to photo of cat
photo of cat



Use AI to Create a Cartoon Picture That Pops

Cartoonizer™ GFX creates vivid, eye-catching cartoons from any photo. Powered by artificial intelligence, these innovative photo-to-cartoon editing tools analyze your original image – defining subjects, key details, color schemes, and more to produce highly detailed and accurate results. With our GFX filters, you can customize how closely the cartoon effect resembles your original photo. You'll also have the option to choose between various cartoon versions for a one-of-a-kind creation! our Cartoonizer™ GFX filters are extremely accurate and dynamic – providing the ideal canvas to unleash your inner artist.

Cartoonizer™ GFX applied to female portrait with sunglasses
Female portrait with sunglasses



Try Our Classic Cartoonizer™ Effects

Our classic photo-to-cartoon effects include renditions of some of the most beloved cartoon styles. Become the hero in a comic strip with gritty textures, create a cartoon profile picture with an impasto-inspired effect, or turn your pet into a cartoon character with color-blocking. Each of our classic filters offers something special and unique. With BeFunky, it’s easy to make your photo-to-cartoon vision a reality with stunning results.

Photo with BeFunky's Cartoonizer™ 4 effect applied
Photo of a yellow van



Cartoonize Images Anywhere

Download our mobile app to use our Cartoonizer™ to make your pets, portraits, or landscape photos look like a cartoon or comic right from your mobile device.

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Cartoonizer™ FAQ

Have questions about our photo-to-cartoon effects? We have answers!

Can I use the Cartoonizer™ for free?

Our Cartoonizer™ effects are included in our Plus subscriptions, but you can preview what your image will look like with the effects for free!

How do I turn my photo into a cartoon?

Choose your favorite cartoon style from the Cartooinzer™ effects category in the Artsy section of our Photo Editor and apply it to your image – it’s that easy!

What’s the difference between DLX and GFX cartoon effects?

Cartoonizer™ DLX offers a modern twist on our classic cartoon effects, providing a quick and easy way to go from photo to cartoon in seconds. Built with AI, GFX offers more detailed results and customization options. Both styles are awesome, and it’s really up to you which one best suits your creative needs!

Turn Photos Into Cartoons in 3 Steps

Here’s how to cartoonize photos in just a few clicks.

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01. Upload Your Photo

Open your image in our Photo Editor.

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02. Add a Cartoon Effect

Apply an effect from our collection of online Cartoonizer™ tools.

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03. Save Your Cartoon Photo

Save your photo and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and more!

Turn Photos Into Cartoons With Our Cartoonizer™