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Create Your Own Adult Coloring Book

By Sarah Elsie Baker | Inspiration

Unless you've been hiding in some remote part of the jungle for the last year, you're likely to have noticed the recent trend for adult coloring books. Book shops are chock full of them, and Instagram and Pinterest are crammed with examples posted by people who are good at coloring between the lines.


Whether it's a nostalgic activity that reminds you of childhood or a practice similar to active meditation, coloring is an activity that definitely helps you relax. Plus, if you get good enough at it, you’ll end up with a little piece of art, too.

The BeFunky Photo Editor can help you create coloring pages that are a little more personal and less expensive than those found in stores. I experimented with a few images using the Artsy effects to create my very own coloring book pages, and let me just say, it was a little more fun than it was meditative! Just pick a photo, sketch it up and print it for hours of meditative, colorful goodness.



In general, I found that two dimensional images and repeated patterns yielded the best effects when using the Sketcher tool. I found an image of some Christmas fabric online, used the sketcher tool to create an outline, and colored it in using pencils and a gold pen (a must-have for the seasoned colorer).

how to create a coloring book


Geometric patterns that include lots of repetition also work really well. After all, experts say that coloring repetitive patterns is great for active relaxation. 

adult coloring book

Pro Tip: You can take things to the next level by adjusting the settings of the Sketcher tool. Change your outline color, effect detail and more by clicking on the 'Adjust' tab.

BeFunky Photo Editor

Family photos

Coloring in pictures of your family can be fun, especially for tiny tots looking to give coloring a go. Use a brighter colors to create more of a pop-art style.

creating an adult coloring book

Holiday snaps

Holiday snaps can also look good, especially for those photos with more detail, like this picture taken in Morocco.

create an adult coloring book using your photos


You can adapt your favorite artist's work, too. This jungle painting worked especially well.

turning photo to art

So if everything is getting a little too much this holiday season, try winding down with a little bit of coloring. It's surprising just how relaxing it can really be.

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified