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Marketing Trends Your Business Needs In 2016

By James Tait | Inspiration

Belated happy new year! Now that the formalities are over, let's get down to business. While marketing has become a more vital part of business success than ever, in the dawn of the new year we have now seen the birth of a new marketing powerhouse—digital marketing.

Experts say that digital marketing shouldn't just be a little add-on to your business, but rather should be a main component of your whole marketing strategy. And with 2 billion people worldwide set to own a smartphone in 2016, it's really not hard to see why digital marketing is beginning to incorporate so many new, diverse types of content.

Don't fret, though. While digital marketing may sound expensive, complicated and reserved only for computer geniuses, it most certainly is not! Anyone with access to a computer can master it for free with BeFunky's graphic Designer Toolset. To help you conquer the new era of digital marketing we here at BeFunky have compiled a list of 4 essential digital marketing trends that you can create for free right from the comfort of your couch—how nice of us!


Content Marketing

A recent survey of small businesses identified that the most impactful marketing activity they will undertake in 2016 is content marketing.

Why? Creating articles, blog posts, pictures or any other engaging content is like a unicorn: a rare and magical case of win-win. It builds a relationship with the consumer and also plugs your business or product in a helpful way, providing your users with invaluable content that'll strengthen your brand presence.

You should always be sure to accompany your content with beautiful graphics and images whenever possible since blog posts that feature graphics generate more than double the shares than standard text-only posts! Luckily for you, BeFunky's Designer Toolset is equipped with a full arsenal of social media and blog graphic templates that you can use for FREE! Has marketing ever been this easy?


Less is More

In 2016, simple is the new black. Businesses are ditching clustered, detailed advertisements and graphics, instead opting for simple, flat and neat designs. Why? It reduces the amount of distractions for the audience and brings the most important information to the forefront!

Think about Google—their logo has changed several times over its tenure as our go-to search engine from clunky to funky. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:


Reassess your business' design and presentation. Ask yourself if it is out-dated and be honest. If it is, feel no shame! Relaunching and revamping your business will generate more traffic than you would think. So, if you need help creating a simple yet beautiful logo or design for FREE, just head over to the Designer Toolset where you can create a DIY logo without the hassle of having to hire a graphic designer. Score.


Infographics are set to skyrocket in popularity this year, having been found to be shared 3 times more than any other piece of visual content. They’re great ways to show your audience the data behind your business while engaging them with visually pleasing graphics. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Everyone loves a good infographic, and even though it may seem like a scary, expensive sounding piece of content, you can actually create one for free with BeFunky! Head over to the Designer to easily whip up a flawless infographic.


Personalised Relationship Marketing

You don’t have to take your customers out to dinner, but as you probably know, a bit of effort to connect on a personal basis goes a long way!

So how exactly do you do this? Well, think of email campaigns as digital letters that allow you to address your audience on a first name basis. The rules of a first date definitely apply: be sure to be engaging, but not too annoying!

To create beautiful letterheads, email headers and more to make your relationship with the consumer that little bit more special, look no further than BeFunky's graphic Designer Toolset. Creating your own marketing campaign is a whole lot easier than you think!


It’s never too late to revamp your business and marketing strategies, so gain that competitive edge today with BeFunky. Get smart, get creative, and get customers!

And if you're looking for more resources to help your brand take off, BeFunky's Small Business Series is chock full of great resources, tips and tricks to help get you started.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your 2016 with a bang!

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