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Playing With Typography

By Lori Hil | Inspiration

Flirtatious fonts, scary fonts, and arrogant fonts, oh my!

Typography helps to create a mood that can easily make or break your graphics, so if your typography isn't conveying the message you want it to today's post is here to help! Typography can get complicated if you let it, but can be delightfully fun, too! It's all about choosing fonts that convey the message you want while pairing fonts that look great together...

Delightful Pairings: Choosing and pairing fonts

Serif fonts are the fonts that have little "feet" at the bottom of their letters, giving them a more classic look. Sans-Serif fonts add a modern spin and are the go-to if you want a streamlined look: these fonts eliminate those little feet and look clean and easy.


If you are not a designer and just dabble in typography, (like I do) it's probably best to stick within font families when pairing. But what exactly is a font family, anyways?

A complete collection of typefaces in different weights and classifications, but having the same point size and designed to work together. ~BusinessDictionary

Simply changing from Regular to Italic to BOLD can create different feels using the same font or font family.

A few tips for combining fonts:

  • Look for letters that are distinctive in different fonts (like "g" and "a"), and combine fonts that look great together with those letters.
  • Create contrast by using fonts of different styles (if that's the look you want, of course). Fonts can contrast but still be complimentary. Serifs and Sans-Serifs are often paired together.
  • Try combining two "moods." Classic and modern, for example.
  • Play with weight. A heavy font works better for headlines while a lighter one is more suitable for your main body of text.
  • Mix sparingly. Mixing five fonts in one graphic can make your work hard to read and drive viewers crazy. Better to follow the "less is more" mantra.

These tips are by no means a constant follow. Your eyes are the best design check, so play around and see what combinations speak to you.

The BeFunky Designer Toolset has an abundance of fonts to play with, but did you know that you can add your own fonts, too? Maybe you have special fonts installed already. Simply click the typography type and then select "yours."


The purpose of typography is to enhance your communication.

Using a photo I recently took on my trip through the JFK airport, I chose to add in some handwriting type fonts to represent writing notes and postcards traveling. The "Travel Often" text is "Claire-Hand" while the lower text is "handserif." You know the second one is a serif font due to the "feet" we talked about earlier. The first is cleaner while the second adds a classic feel. But it's ultimately pairing both together that helps to give this photo a hand-written feel. 


The BeFunky Photo Editor also has some great text presets to choose from, if you'd rather go with the tried and true method of things.


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Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified