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Elevate Your Landscape Shots with a Few Easy Edits

By Peter Latriano | Inspiration

Taking the perfect landscape photograph can be difficult. In addition to the regular challenges like composition, color and light, you also need to ensure you capture the best possible shot from the highest possible viewpoint. This could require a strenuous hike up a mountainside, climbing a rocky crag to a snowy summit or maybe just a long drive to the nearest beach. But no matter what lengths you go to in order to get that ideal nature shot, BeFunky is here to make sure that your pictures will wow your audience no matter what.

At BeFunky, we offer a wide range of dynamic photo editing tools to quickly and easily edit your landscape photographs. All you have to do it upload your picture to our photo editor, choose an editing tool and get to work. It’s especially great for fixing those minor imperfections and for really bringing out the beauty that’s already there.


This is the no fuss tool for fixing your photos. All you need to do is select the Beautify tool, adjust it as you see fit and it will automatically enhance all aspects of your photo. It couldn’t be simpler.



Did a herd of hikers ruin your perfectly serene mountain shot? That’s alright, because with BeFunky you can crop those pesky hikers out and pretend like you had the trail all to yourself all day.


A vignette is an elegant way to quickly improve your photos. Just choose a color that compliments the various tones in your photograph (black is usually a safe bet), adjust the strength and the amount. It'll help draw your viewers in and frames up a beautiful landscape wonderfully.

vignette good


It’s nearly impossible to recreate the beauty you find in nature. Luckily, thanks to our photo editor you can now get pretty darn close. Adjust the hue until it looks perfect to you. Increase saturation and bring those flushed out colors back to life. Change the temperature and transform a grassy field into a snowy plane.

Funky Focus

Focus in on the areas that mean the most to you, and leave the rest a blur. With the Funky Focus editing tool, you can create an emphasis on one section of your photograph, and blur out the surrounding areas. Choose the hardness, opacity and amount of blur that you want, and then create a dreamy picture that demands attention.

Funky Focus

Photo Editing. Simplified