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Your Ultimate Guide To Vignette Effects

By Peter Latriano | Basic Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

It seems like the world is always moving at a mile a minute. Between our jobs, social circles and personal projects, it can be difficult to find the time to slow down and appreciate the little moments that make up our lives. This can be especially true when you're trying to share photography. But, if you guide people’s attention towards the things that matter most (we find this is true in photos as well as life), it can help to get them to stop and smell the roses.

vignette effects online in BeFunky

With BeFunky’s Vignette tool, you’ll be able to do just that. By reducing the brightness and saturation around the edges of your image, the Vignette tool creates a border, which slowly guides your audience’s gaze towards the center of your picture. It will create stunning images, grab the attention of your audience and help them rediscover the beauty of photography!

An Emboldening Effect

In literature, movies and plays, a vignette is a short scene that focuses on a single character or moment. Although brief, they are written with great detail and tend to make a strong impact on audiences. In photography, the idea is very similar. A photo with a vignette is an image that fades into its background without a definite border. By doing so, it creates a window for viewers to see your photo. This helps to draw their attention towards the most powerful elements of your photograph and elicit a strong reaction from them. Also, it really makes your images pop!

To achieve this effect in your photography, first upload an image to the Photo Editor. Then go click on the Edit tab in the menu on the left and select Vignette.

vignette effects in BeFunky Photo Editor

Personalize Every Aspect of Your Vignette

Vignettes also serve as a great alternative to frames. Although BeFunky's Photo Editor offers a wide selection of photo frames, sometimes a subtle vignette can have a much stronger impact. 

When you’re ready to start editing, you’ll be be given the option to create a vignette in the shape of a circle, square or in straight lines. To make a circular shaped vignette, choose Radial mode. Once you do, a round shaped target will appear on your screen. You can adjust its size by clicking on the target’s handles and dragging. The circular shaped handles will let you adjust your target with locked aspect ratios, while the square handles give you full control over your target’s size.

how to add vignette effect to photo in BeFunky

Then, click  on your target and drag to place it over the part of your photo you want your audience to focus on. When it’s the exact size and location you want your vignette to be, adjust Amount to change the intensity of the effect, and then choose a Color. When you apply the effect, your image will gradually fade from from a dark color around the edges of your photo to a clear image where you placed your radial target.

Create A Custom Fade

Besides forcing your audience to slow down and appreciate your photography, a vignette can help add drama to your photos. By creating a dark border, it enhances contrast, emboldens highlights and makes your images stand out.

To personalize your tool and create a dramatic vignette in the form of a square, select Square from the Vignette tool menu. When you do, a box will appear on top your photograph. You can click on the handles on the square to adjust it’s size and orientation until it creates the ideal focal point for your photo. Remember, whatever parts of your photo are inside of this box will will be unaffected by the Vignette tool.

how to add color vignette to photo

If you'd like to change the color of the vignette, select the tile next to Color and use the Color Picker to choose any new hue you'd like. When everything looks just right, click the blue checkmark button.

Get The Ideal Effect, Every Time.

Linear mode is another helpful feature of our Vignette tool, which you can use to alter your vignette so it fades away from your subject in straight lines. Just choose Linear from the Vignette tool menu, and two lines will appear on top your photograph. To adjust their size and orientation, just click on the target handles and drag them over the area of your image you would like to remain clear and unaffected by the Vignette tool. But be cautious, the closer you bring the lines together, the darker your vignette effect will be!

add vignette to photo in BeFunky

For your final step, adjust Amount for further control over the intensity of your vignette, and then choose a Color. When you’re satisfied with the results, click the blue checkmark button.

Instant Effects. Impressive Results

Before photo editing became popular, it was difficult for people to add vignettes to their photos. The effect either happened naturally during the developing process, or it was done intentionally by burning the outer edges of the film stock. Thanks to BeFunky, that’s not the case anymore!

To add a vignette to your photos in the simplest way possible, try our range of preset Blend Modes. Each will instantly apply a unique vignette effect that will enhance your photo.

vignette effects for photos by BeFunky

Feeling moody? Try our Darken Blend Mode to instantly add a bold vignette to your photo. Rather keep it light? Our Lighten Blend Mode creates a perfectly balanced vignette for any photo. We offer 16 in all, so be sure to try them all!

Final Results

Just look at how this simple vignette effect enhances the focal point of this photo:

Clothing, Apparel, Pants, Person, Human, Wood
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With BeFunky's Vignette tool, you can create stunning images, guide the gaze of your viewers and help them rediscover their love for photography! Just click the link below to get started.

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