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Go From Photo to Art With Our Revolutionary GFX Effects

By Melanie Doncas | What’s New

Have you ever wanted to turn your photos into artwork, only to feel held back by a lack of art skills? Well, forget the paints, paintbrushes, pens, or anything else you need to bring your artistic vision to life. BeFunky has recently introduced a suite of GFX Artsy effects designed to transform ordinary photos into various forms of artistic creations – all with the click of a button!

Keep reading, because we’re going to delve into what each of these effects are, including what they do and which images they work best with.

Watercolor GFX

BeFunky's Watercolor GFX effect is like dipping your photos in a virtual watercolor palette. It adds a dreamy, artistic touch to your images, giving them a soft and ethereal quality. This effect blends colors smoothly, adds soft edges, and mimics the gradient washes typical of watercolor paintings.

The Watercolor GFX effect works best with photos with vibrant colors and distinct shapes, such as landscapes, portraits with soft lighting, and botanical images.

watercolor gfx after
watercolor gfx before



Oil Painting GFX

The Oil Painting GFX effects replicate the rich texture, bold colors, and brushstrokes of traditional oil paintings. There are two different GFX effects within this category to choose from: Impasto GFX and Realist GFX. Each effect showcases two of the most popular techniques and styles used within oil paintings. Impasto refers to paint thickly applied to a canvas, whereas realist paintings aim to show their subject as true to life (or realistic) as possible.

The Oil Painting GFX effects work best on portraits, nature photography, and architecture shots where you want to create a timeless and sophisticated feel. The texture and depth of these effects bring out the dramatic and artistic elements in these types of images.

oil painting impasto gfx after
oil painting impasto gfx before



Sketcher GFX

The Sketcher GFX effect turns photos into monochromatic sketches, emphasizing line work and shading, while giving them a hand-drawn and artistic flair.

This effect is best for photos with clear lines and details, such as architectural shots, portraits, and objects with intricate designs. This effect works well to highlight the structure and form of these subjects.

sketcher gfx after
sketcher gfx before



Cartoonizer GFX

The hugely popular Cartoonizer converts photos into cartoon-like images with bold outlines. It enhances the image’s colors, simplifies details, and adds black outlines, creating a comic book or cartoon appearance.

The Cartoonizer GFX effect works brilliantly on photos with vibrant colors and distinct subjects, like animals, playful portraits, and whimsical scenes. This effect is great for creating fun and engaging images.

cartoonizer gfx after
cartoonizer gfx before



Charcoal GFX

The Charcoal GFX effect, which can be found within the Sketcher category, mimics the bold and smudged lines of charcoal drawings. It transforms photos into dramatic, high-contrast black-and-white images with textured, deep shading.

This makes it best for photos with distinct shapes and shadows, such as urban scenes, striking portraits, and moody landscapes. The charcoal effect emphasizes the dramatic and artistic qualities of these images.

charcoal gfx after
charcoal gfx before



Pen Art GFX

The Pen Art GFX effect simulates detailed pen-and-ink drawings. It focuses on creating intricate lines and fine details, often with a stippling or cross-hatching technique. The effect also highlights the textures of subjects for added realism.

Photos with a lot of detail, such as nature close-ups, detailed portraits, and complex patterns work best with this GFX effect.

pen art gfx after
pen art gfx before



Impressionist GFX

The Impressionist GFX effect replicates the distinctive style of Impressionist painting, which is known for its vibrant colors, visible brushstrokes, and emphasis on light and movement. This effect also slightly blurs fine details to create a fluid, dynamic look – much like the works of Monet and Renoir.

This effect looks best on landscapes, portraits, cityscapes, and floral and botanical images. It adds a romantic and expressive quality to your photos, while capturing the essence of light and color typical of Impressionist landscapes.

impressionist gfx after
impressionist gfx before



Turn Your Photos Into Art With Our Advanced GFX Effects

BeFunky's GFX Effects are a game-changer when it comes to transforming your photos into breathtaking works of art. Whether you're looking to add a touch of realism, whimsy, drama, or elegance to your images, BeFunky has a wide range of GFX effects to suit your creative vision.

Ready to turn your favorite photo into a much-loved masterpiece? Check out our Artsy effects to experience the all-new GFX effects for yourself! 

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