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Persuasive Presentations

With our Infographic Maker, you'll knock your next presentation out of the park. When you start with the easy-to-use templates of our Graphic Designer, you can create attention grabbing infographics that'll make your presentations more prominent, powerful, and persuasive. Use it to seal the deal on your next client pitch. Impress your professor and ace that end-of-term project. Or, keep your students interested and alert through a three-hour lecture. No matter your need, with our Infographic Maker, you'll be able to create engaging presentations that'll be a home run with any audience.

infographic maker by BeFunky

Infographics that are Easy, Entertaining and Engaging

Few things give your blog or website an engagement boost more than infographics. Although the thought of making them can be intimidating, they hook viewers like no other content can. Luckily, BeFunky's Infographic Maker simplifies infographic design. With easy-to-use templates, hundreds of design elements, and over a million free stock images accessible in BeFunky, anyone can make infographics that are entertaining, easy to digest, and fun to share. It's sure to skyrocket traffic and help your site take off!

How to create infographics with BeFunky

Turn Mundane Information into Vibrant Infographics

Our Infographic Maker brings information to life. Instead of boring audiences with facts and figures, it transforms complex data into visually compelling stories. Annual marketing report due? Combine design and data to tell an entertaining narrative about your company. KPI's performing well? Show your employees with an engaging graph instead of telling them. No matter your need, BeFunky's Infographic templates make it simple for you to create inspiring infographics and breathe new life into your business's marketing materials.

Infographic Templates by BeFunky

How to Design an Infographic in 4 Easy Steps

Simplify information with an engaging infographic


Go to BeFunky's Designer and select an infographic template


Customize your theme by adding images and design elements


Personalize your text, colors, and layout


Save as a project for future editing and export a final version

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