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10 Tips to Increase Your Depop Sales

By Isabelle | Inspiration

In the past few years, Depop has risen in the ranks of online resale platforms, and now there’s pretty much no better place to do your online thrifting. This also makes it one of the best places to sell your unique thrifted and vintage items – if you can get a knack for it. Competing with thousands of other sellers can be a challenge. But with the right methods, consistency, and time, you can make a decent amount of money on Depop every month – or even turn it into your full-time job a few years down the line. 

It requires a lot of work, but there are tools out there to make your Depop selling easier. You can use the Photo Editor to professionally edit your photos, and the Graphic Designer to help you add flair to your brand. With a little effort, there are plenty of ways to stand out among the crowd!

If you’re thinking of selling on Depop, or already have a shop and want to increase your sales, we’ve got 10 great tips for getting started. But first, let’s answer a few questions you might have about the app.

How Much Money Can I Make on Depop?

There are no real statistics available regarding a Depop seller’s average income. How much money you make depends on how much time and energy you’re willing to commit. On top of thrifting pieces to sell, you’ll have to calculate how much to charge, take high-quality photos, and write detailed descriptions. If you’re able to list at least 15-20 quality items a week and re-list regularly, then with time you might be able to start making $1000-4000 every month. Invest less than that, and you’re looking at a few hundred dollars at most. 

depop supporting

If you’re just using Depop to get rid of items you already own, you might not be able to sell effectively, as there’s plenty of competition to go around. Unless you’re selling a popular style or brand, a yard sale or somewhere like Facebook Marketplace might be a better bet!

What’s the Difference Between Poshmark and Depop?

Depop is essentially the thrift store of online resellers. Unique items and vintage pieces, even if they’re handmade or unmarked, thrive on Depop. Most Depop users are in their late teens and early-to-mid 20s, and the app has an Instagram feel to it. The users on Poshmark skew older, and it’s more common to see known brands and modern fashions. 

differences of depop and poshmark

Poshmark also includes more of a social aspect with virtual gatherings called “Posh Parties,” where users can shop and “meet” in real time. Poshmark is exclusively for clothes, beauty, and accessories, while Depop also features books, games, and more. 

Regarding fees, Poshmark takes a flat 20% from every sale. Depop takes 10% plus a transaction fee of around 3%. 

Both Depop and Poshmark are user-friendly, community-based platforms that center around selling clothes. Which one you use depends on your personal preference and what items you’re selling. You can also cross-post to both to get higher traffic to your listings.

How to Increase Your Sales on Depop

There are many different ways to increase your sales on Depop. We’ve put together the best 10 tips for creating a more engaging, effective Depop store.

1. Use Quality Photography

Buyers on Depop are scrolling through hundreds of items every minute. There’s no better way to catch their eye than by using a standout photo. Try using a model or a mannequin so that buyers get a sense of what the item looks like when worn. If you’d rather take flat-lay photos, use a simple background that allows the item to shine. You can also use BeFunky's Background Remover if you'd rather have a plain, single-colored background!

depop quality photos

Once you get a buyer’s attention and they’ve clicked on your item, make sure they have more photos to scroll through. Otherwise, they might just click away immediately. Use photos taken from multiple angles, and close-up detail shots that allow a buyer to see the item’s texture and quality. 

For more photography tips, check out our article on taking professional-looking product photos for Depop

2. Write Search-Optimized Titles

Depop’s search algorithm favors descriptive, objective headlines. Customers like to know exactly what it is they’re looking at, especially since they can’t hold and examine the item in person. Instead of “Cute Purple Sweater,” try “Y2K Juicy Couture Lilac Hoodie.” Instead of “Blue Jeans,” you can write “Dark Wash Levi’s 501s.” These titles cover the item’s style, brand, and color in just a few words. 

3. Use Accurate Keywords, Hashtags, and Attributes

When online shopping, there’s nothing more disappointing than receiving an item that’s not quite what you wanted. In your Depop listing description, make sure to accurately label the item’s brand, size, color, and condition. If there are any stains, holes, or other defects, make sure to note that so that your customer has all the details before purchasing. Otherwise, you risk your account being reported. Include measurements when possible, as sizing varies from brand to brand.

When listing, Depop allows you to apply a variety of attributes from their drop-down menus, including style and sizing attributes. These attributes help customers use Depop’s search filters to find the exact item they’re searching for. Use attributes, descriptions, and relevant hashtags for the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

depop hashtags

Using too many hashtags can get you marked as spam. Use only relevant hashtags about the style (#vintage, #80s, #boho), season (#summer, #backtoschool), aesthetic (#cottagecore, #y2k, #goth), and color (#pastel, #colorblock).

A good listing template to follow in your Depop descriptions is this: 

  • Headline / Title (featuring style + brand + color + item type)
  • Longer description, building on title
  • Condition
  • Measurements
  • Hashtags
  • Your shipping terms and current promos

4. Sell With the Seasons

If you want to sell items on Depop faster, list items that are ready to wear for the season! For instance, as autumn approaches, list more sweaters, pants, and clothes in earthy fall colors. Around spring and summer, start leaning into brighter colors, tank tops, shorts, and dresses. People don’t think too far ahead in buying their clothes, so listing these 1-2 months in anticipation of a season works just great. You can also look at the latest Top Searches to see what users are shopping for lately!

depop relevant fashion

Also, sales for smaller items like hats, scarves, and jewelry go up around the holidays as people search for gifts for their loved ones, so keep that in mind around the end of the year. 

5. Keep Fees in Mind

When selling through any app or online platform, you should always keep the fees in mind. Depop charges you at least 10% on any sale because their platform gives you access to a wide audience and your own storefront. To make a decent profit, you’ll have to include this 10%, plus the ~3% transaction fee, plus shipping fees in mind. 

6. List (and Re-List) Items Regularly

To be a really effective Depop seller, try listing a few items every day, rather than bulk listing everything once a week. New listings will show up closer to the top of Depop’s algorithm, and this keeps your existing customers looking forward to new items every day. Depop users are typically more active during evenings and weekends, and spend more around the start of the month, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding when to list. 

Re-listing is one of the things that differentiates top Depop sellers from the rest. Re-listing greatly increases your chances of being seen by the right customer. Depop allows you to “refresh” listings, but this doesn’t bump you to the very top of the search engine as re-listing does. 

To re-list, copy the text of your old listing, then re-upload it as a new listing alongside the same photos. (You can also upload it with new photos if you’ve since taken better ones). Re-listing every day has the most chance of being effective, but this can be tedious, so just try to re-list at least once a week. 

7. Establish a Brand

You might think that because you’re reselling through an app instead of a traditional storefront, you don’t have to do much in the way of branding. But creating a consistent, appealing brand applies to Depop too. Take photos in the same way against the same backgrounds. Use consistent language in your listing descriptions. 

Consider specializing in certain styles of clothing. 

brand establishment

If you’re making any changes, like starting or stopping promotions, make sure to let your sellers know by adding the information to your listings and/or bio. 

When it comes to your bio, you can make it stand out among the rest and show off your personality with a creative profile photo.

8. Communicate

Responding to questions and concerns in a timely manner will help build your reputation on Depop and improve your rank as a seller. Always try to thank your customers for their recent purchase and give them an estimate of when their items will arrive. Let them know when it’s been shipped and communicate promptly if any issues come up. 

9. Offer Promos

Offering promotions on Depop such as bundles – where customers receive a discount when they buy 2 or more items – is a great way to boost your sales. Bundles are particularly cost-effective because shipping multiple items out together is usually cheaper than shipping them separately. 

Just like any big business, it’s a good idea to hold holiday sales around events like Black Friday, Christmas, and the start of summer. While Depop doesn’t allow you to add your own promo code, you can relist all your items at a discount for a limited time. Make sure not to offer discounts too regularly – this can make it seem like you don’t know 

10. Ship Promptly

Finally, remember to always ship out items promptly. A professional Depop seller ships within 3-5 days, though 1-3 days helps boost your reputation as a quick shipper.

ship promptly

Try having 1-2 shipping days during the week where you take all your items to the post office at once. Note your shipping times in your bio so that customers know if their wait time is typical.  

Sell More on Depop Today

Depop isn’t an effortless moneymaker by any means, but it does offer an amazing way to supplement your income. As you’re getting started, just be consistent and engage with the app regularly. Provide good value, build your brand, and communicate with your customers regularly. And, of course, show off all your curated items with the best possible photographs using the Photo Editor!

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