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11 Winter Photography Ideas For Your Inspiration

By Whitney | Inspiration

If you haven’t heard, word on the street is it’s officially Winter! If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like we are, you’ll get some amazing cold weather photo opportunities coming your way. We know it’s harder to brave the chill with your camera, but with a couple extra layers of sweaters and these photo ideas, you’re gonna capture some glorious shots!

Don’t live in a chilly state but want to enhance your photos with a touch of Winter? Fear not. BeFunky’s Photo Editor has all the Winter photo effects you need - you can even add realistic-looking snow to your photos in a click! Grab that cup of cocoa and get a load of these Winter photo ideas we’ve got our heart set on:

Winter At Golden Hour

Golden hour is always a wonder to behold, but Winter time makes it especially magical. The way the golden and blush-toned light reflects off a fresh coating of snow is a photo op you don’t want to miss!

golden hour photography tips winter by BeFunky

Golden hour typically peaks about twenty minutes before the sun goes down, so find out when the sun sets and plan accordingly.

Cozy Cabins

Who can resist a cute cabin shot? Especially when it’s dwarfed by majestic snowy trees and surrounded by a beautiful lake.

winter photography ideas by BeFunky

Frosty Foliage

The morning frost gives these berries a whole new look. Bring your camera on your next long walk and pay attention to the details you might not normally notice.

macro photography in Winter by BeFunky

Frozen Lakes

When lake water freezes over, you can capture some incredible reflections and details!

how to capture winter by BeFunky

Note of caution though, don’t ever walk out onto a frozen body of water unless it’s been approved for foot traffic. The last thing you want to do is fall through ice, people.

Frosted Windows

You know those mornings where you walk out to your car, already semi-late for work, and discover that your windshield is iced over? It’s never a fun time, but it sure is photogenic.

how to take photos of icicles by BeFunky

Just look at those ice crystals!

Macro Shots

Speaking of things covered in ice, you can get some really great macro photography of things like ice-covered branches and icicles. Turn that camera to Macro mode (or tap your iPhone screen in a close-up shot) and capture all the details.

macro photography tips by BeFunky

Winter Wildlife

In the Wintertime, some animals in the snow are just majestic, even when it’s your own pet. Animals like deer have been known to travel in packs in the Winter, and if you can get close enough (again, safety first!), you’ll have yourself a photo worthy of Nat Geo.

wildlife photography tips by BeFunky

Snow Days

When the schools and shops close due to inclement weather, you might have yourself a snow day! Aka time to get crazy.

how to photograph snow by BeFunky

Cozy Days

If you’re more of an indoor person, Winter is the perfect time to capture your cozy setup at home. Especially if your slippers are on point!

cozy winter photography by BeFunky

Aerial Shots

Have yourself a drone? Shoot it up in the sky to capture some snowy tree tops!

drone photography tips by BeFunky

Birds Flying South

No matter what kind of weather your Winter holds, one thing is a given; the birds always fly south for the season. They fly in pretty picturesque patterns, too.

winter photo effects by BeFunky

We hope you get the best shots this season with this inspiration! And if you're looking to really enhance the Winter photo aesthetic, give our Winter effects a whirl. They'll add an extra dose of chill to any photo!

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Photo Editing. Simplified