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Capture the Chill: 5 Winter-Enhancing Photo Edits

By Sarah Foster | Inspiration

Winter is like a photographer's dream come true! Picture this: blustery blizzards and swirling delicate snowflakes, transforming everything into a serene white wonderland. And then, the sun decides to play peek-a-boo through the clouds, casting a soft, magical glow that adds warmth to the chilly scene. Every snap you take in winter tells a story – from the chaotic beauty of a snowstorm to the calm elegance of sunlit landscapes. It's like capturing a dynamic dance between frosty elements. Whether it's the intricate frost patterns on windows or the untouched snow covering everything in sight, winter invites you to explore its unique charm through the lens.

However, oftentimes the beauty cannot be captured in photo form as it appears to your naked eye, this is when BeFunky’s Photo Editor comes in with our top 5 winter-enhancing photo edits. It's not just about freezing moments in time; it's about celebrating and enhancing the beauty that unfolds with every gust of wind and ray of sunshine.

1. Make It Snow

One simple way of elevating the visual allure of your winter photos is with the strategic incorporation of snow elements using the Winter 2 Effect. The addition of simulated snowfall introduces a layer of sophistication, imparting a timeless and picturesque quality to your photographs. You can use the Select tool and only set it to the background to keep your main subject in focus. This will enhance both the depth and texture, this digital enhancement encapsulates the quintessential charm of winter, transforming ordinary scenes into a captivating winter wonderland.

add snow after
add snow before



2. Add a Touch of Frost

Occasionally when it is so cold outside, frost forms on the lens of your camera creating an ethereal effect. A frosted camera lens, glistening with tiny ice crystals, captures the essence of a crisp winter morning. If this hasn’t happened to your images, but you want to add the feel of it, use the Winter 3 effect. You can create an ethereal feel in your images while controlling how much or how little of the frost appears. 

winter frost after
winter frost before



3. Layer a Whimsical Bokeh Effect

Bokeh introduces a sense of depth and dimension to an image and can mimic falling snow. This depth can enhance the magical and mystical qualities often associated with winter landscapes, especially in wooded or snowy areas. Using Bokeh 1 has small bokeh orbs that are frosty looking, giving your image the sense of dimension and winter whimsy you feel while you’re out in the snow, but you can’t capture it on camera. 

winter bokeh after
winter bokeh before



4. Create a Stark Contrast Scene

Winter landscapes often feature a stark contrast between snow-covered surfaces and darker elements like trees or structures. High contrast and dramatic shadows amplify these differences, bringing out intricate textures and details that might be less pronounced in color. Black and white photography often evokes a timeless and classic feel. This is well-suited for winter scenes, where the purity of snow and the starkness of winter landscapes can be captured in a way that transcends the specific time the photo was taken. You can achieve this look with Winter 3.

winter after
winter before



5. Glow With Some Wintertime Sun 

A sunny winter day just hits a bit differently, it makes everything glow a bit brighter when you're surrounded by crisp white snow. During winter, the sun follows a lower trajectory in the sky. This results in longer shadows and a warmer, softer quality of light that is just as bright. The sunlight has to pass through a thicker layer of the Earth's atmosphere. It may seem a bit counter-intuitive in photo editing, but adding the Summer 2 effect creates a sense of what you feel out in the snow on a sunny day in an image. It adds a touch of warm, golden light to any snowy scene.

winter sun after
winter sun before



Create Your Own Winter Wonderland!

When venturing into the realm of winter photography, the challenge often lies in translating the awe-inspiring moments experienced in the cold into images that truly capture the essence of the season. The reality is, that not every photo may convey the sheer beauty and magic felt in the moment. This is where BeFunky's Photo Editor emerges as an invaluable ally, providing an array of exceptional tools that empower you to craft your visual masterpiece—a tangible and remarkable slice of the winter wonder you experienced. You can get started creating your own now!

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