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6 Ways to Make Your Photos Look Like a Winter Wonderland

By Melanie Doncas | Photo Editor Tutorials

As the days get shorter and the air fills with a frosty bite, it can be tempting to retreat indoors and take fewer photos. But what if we told you that winter is actually one of the most photogenic times of the year? From sprinkles of snow and an extended golden hour to softly diffused lighting from overcast skies – now is the time to make the most of these conditions! 

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If you’ve ever wondered “can I add a snow effect to photos?” or “how do I make my photos look like winter?," then you’re in luck. BeFunky has a great collection of Photo Effects that are perfect for photography in the Winter season – regardless of the weather. Keep reading to find out more!

Our Top 6 Photo Effects for Winter

Whether you’re looking to turn up the warmth, create frost, or even add a falling snow effect to a photo, you’ll find all of this and more in the Photo Editor.

Here are just some ideas to get you in the mood for a winter chill.

1. Warmer Tones

Photos captured in winter tend to have a cool color palette of blue, grey, indigo, and violet. To add some balance back into your image (including some much-needed warmth), try one of the Warmer Tones Effects. In this photo, we’ve applied Warmer Tones 1 to transform the image from ice cold to postcard-perfect!

Coat, Clothing, Apparel, Person, Human, Nature
Coat, Clothing, Apparel, Person, Human, Shoe



3. Black & White Tones

If the dreary weather and gray skies have got your image looking less than perfect, try adding stark contrast with a Black and White Tones effect. In just a click, these effects instantly turn your photo into a black and white masterpiece, draining it of color and putting the focus on its highlights and shadows instead. In this example, we’ve used Black and White Tones 1 and adjusted the slider to around 70% opacity. This keeps just a bit of color present, helping to create an arty look.

Nature, Outdoors, Weather, Clothing, Apparel, Water
Nature, Outdoors, Water, Scenery, Clothing, Apparel



3. Analog Tones

If you love those retro wintry photos from decades past, then you’ll be pleased to hear you can create the same look with your present-day images. With the Photo Editor’s Analog Tones effects, you can embrace the same tones that antique lenses once produced – no matter what camera you used to capture your image! Here, we’ve used Analog Tones 3 to give the photo a brighter and more saturated look.

Person, Human, Clothing, Apparel, Boat, Vehicle
Canoe, Boat, Rowboat, Vehicle, Transportation, Person



4. Winter 1

Perhaps you’re looking to capture a Disney-inspired wintry scene, but the current weather just won’t allow it. Add a touch of frost or a full-blown blizzard with the Winter 1 photo effect. As you can see in this example, the photo effect has instantly transformed an everyday winter landscape into something from another world.

Outdoors, Ice, Nature, Person, Human, Footprint
Outdoors, Ice, Nature, Mountain, Snow



5. Winter 2

If you weren’t blessed with a White Christmas (or snow any other day of the year), don’t fret. BeFunky’s Winter 2 effect is your one-click solution for adding a falling snow effect to any photo online. Take this portrait, for example, which is vastly different from its original snow-less image. This falling snow effect is so realistic-looking, no one will know you added it in!

Clothing, Apparel, Person, Human, Beanie, Cap
Clothing, Apparel, Person, Human, Beanie, Cap



6. Lens Flares

Perhaps your wintry scene is too dull and dreary. If you’re craving some sunshine in your image to add intrigue and interest, simply apply one of the Lens Flares effects. There are several impressive effects within this category on offer, each adding a realistic (and fully customizable) burst of light to any photo. In this example, we’ve positioned the lens flare so that it appears to have risen from behind the mountain, just like a setting sun.

Person, Human, Outdoors, Nature, Mountain, Standing
Mountain, Nature, Outdoors, Person, Human, Mountain Range



Make Photos Look Like Winter, Any Time of the Year

Don’t let a lack of sunshine or warmth stop you from capturing wonderful memories this winter. Thanks to BeFunky’s Photo Effects, you can turn your images into wintry works of art – in just a few clicks!

So, whether you want to add a cooler tone, apply a frost photo filter, or even add snow to a photo online, BeFunky has got you covered.

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