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The Most Popular Wedding Trends of 2023

By Isabelle | Inspiration

Wedding trends are constantly changing, and this affects more than just the dresses: Decor, design, photography styles, and even wedding day timelines are perpetually evolving. You might be the kind of person to stay ahead of the curve, or you may be trying to avoid the trendy stuff altogether. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to give you the lowdown on the most popular wedding trends of 2023. 

These are the wedding choices that have been popular throughout the last few months and that we’ll continue to see in the next year. We’ll give you all our best tips on how to pull off these trends and still stay within your budget. In most cases, you won’t need much - just a little bit of help from the Photo Editor and Graphic Designer!

1. Vibrant Colors

After years of neutrals and sages and beiges and lavenders, bright colors are back in! Barbie pinks, emerald greens, spring pastels, retro purples and oranges: It’s time to let color set the tone for your wedding. Because color stories start at the beginning, it’s best to think about the palette you want even before you send your Save the Date. Designing all your printables with the Graphic Designer allows for ultimate customization – plus it’s easy to resize templates, create a reusable color palette, and mix and match your fonts and graphic elements.

wedding trends vibrant color

2. “Love Drunk” Candids

A favorite trend of 2023 is the blurry, spur-of-the-moment, “love drunk” candid. These unposed photos capture your joy as a couple with warmth and spontaneity. They’re characterized by intimate moments, motion blurs, the use of flash, and real laughter. You can also use this style when taking getting-ready photos with your wedding party, or during dancing at the reception! And if you want to make your wedding photos feel even more like this trend, you can always use the Blur tool to create movement

wedding trends love drunk

3. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

It feels like a misnomer to call this trend “mismatched,” as what it really involves is giving your bridesmaids a color palette and letting them pick their own dresses. The result is still matching without the carbon-copy look that was typical of the 2010s. You’ll be able to include your broader color scheme in your bridal party’s outfits, rather than sticking with just one color. The different styles will provide more visually engaging options for your photographer. It’s a win-win: Your bridesmaids get to express their personalities, and you end up with more compelling photos.

wedding trends mismatch bridesmaids

4. Lighting as Decor

In 2023, more couples are considering the lighting design of their venue and trying to provide cohesion in both mood and color. This might include added light fixtures, colored lights, and lots of outdoor lighting. However, custom lighting can get expensive quickly, so if you want to achieve dramatic or colorful effects in your photos without breaking the bank, try out the Photo Editor’s comprehensive Exposure and Color tools.

wedding trends lighting as decor

5. Cameras for Guests

Leaving out Polaroids or disposable point-and-shoot film cameras for guests has become a big trend in 2023. And it’s popular for a reason! The results are intimate, joyful candids of friends and family, and all the fun they’re getting up to at your wedding. There’s no such thing as a bad photo when it comes to this trend. 

wedding trends cameras for guests

After the wedding, you can send out a photograph to each of your guests and write your thank-you notes on the back. You can also scan them all and put them together into one beautiful digital photo album.

6. Bold Textures and Patterns 

Along with vibrant colors, thoughtful textures, and bold patterns are making a resurgence. For printed materials, this could look like handmade paper, gold embossing, vellum sheets, ribbon, and patterned envelope liners. You can create your own save-the-dates, invites, table settings and more with the Graphic Designer, then have them made at a specialty printer of your choice. 

wedding trends bold media

Patterned and floral dresses, suits, veils, and shoes are seeing a rise in popularity. Choose 1-2 elements of your outfit to be patterned for the ultimate mix of bold and timeless. In decor, this trend looks like statement aisles, patterned statement walls, and even wallpapered bars. If you’re attracted to the idea of including patterns at your wedding, you can create your own removable wallpaper with the Graphic Designer!

7. ’80s Extravagance

After almost two years of weddings put on hold due to COVID, we’re now seeing the return of the maximalist, ’80s-style wedding, from puff sleeves to disco balls to extravagant cakes. As another nod to the ’80s, you can add some Light Leak effects to your wedding photos for old-school film results. This combines both the candid and colorful trends to create something completely special!

wedding trends 80s

8. Florals on Florals

Botanicals are back! Florals can be found in dresses, on envelope liners, on invites, in hair, on ties, and of course, as decor. 

wedding trends floral

Big, colorful statement installations and table centerpieces are in. But real flowers can get expensive, so it’s nice to incorporate as many florals into your design as you can. When it comes to invites, menus, and other printed items, the Graphic Designer has an entire library of hand-drawn graphics, including hundreds of beautiful botanicals!

wedding trends cards floral

Design the Wedding of Your Dreams With BeFunky

2023 has seen the rise of plenty of fun and exciting wedding trends that will allow you and your spouse to show off more of your own personalities. The overall focus is on spontaneity, having fun, and celebrating your love in a way that’s enjoyable for both you and your guests. Design choices are getting bigger, brighter, and bolder. Basically, it’s time to lean into the fact that your wedding is a party! But whether you’ll be following these trends or not, you can save money and time on your photos, invites, table settings, and more with BeFunky. Try out the Photo Editor or Graphic Designer for yourself today!

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