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Light Leaks: Taking Vintage A Step Further

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

There’s something nostalgic about light leaks. When added to vintage photography, they create a sentimental effect that can be like looking into a simpler time (like way back in the 70’s and 80’s). But in those olden days, a light leak would only happen when light seeped into an analogue camera and caused the film to overexpose. Nowadays, light leaks are a desirable effect added to images on purpose. Unfortunately, since the disappearance of analogue cameras, the only way to do this has been through expensive photo editing programs. Until now! Thanks to BeFunky, you no longer need a retro camera or pricey software in order to achieve an authentic light leak aesthetic in your photos.

A Light Leak For Every Look

If there’s an easy way to add a realistic vintage effect to your photos, it’s through BeFunky’s Light Leaks. All you need to do to get started is head over to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and upload your image. In the Textures menu to the left of your image, you’ll find Light Leaks as the fifth option down. Once you’ve chosen your desired Light Leak texture, simply click on it to see how it instantly enhances your image and gives it a vintage aesthetic.

How to add BeFunky

Pro Tip: There's a total of 9 Light Leak textures. Be sure to try them all!

Subtle Glow or Supernova?

As with all of BeFunky’s effects, you can also adjust the strength of your Light Leak texture. For a subtle yet stunning colored glow, adjust the slider to the left. For a beautiful, supercharged colored light effect, simply move the slider to the right.

Photo retouching with BeFunky

Pro Tip: The Paint toolbar lets you paint your texture onto selected parts of your image whilst giving you control over Brush Size, Hardness and Strength.

Additional Options for Greater Control

By clicking on the Settings button within your chosen texture, you’ll be given a wider array of options to customize your Light Leak. In the Adjust toolbar, you can choose between different Blend Modes, as well as the Opacity levels. You can even rearrange the position of your Light Leak by clicking on the left or right arrows, or flip them vertically or horizontally.

Adding texture to vintage photos with BeFunky

Pro Tip: While there are no specific rules, Light Leaks tend to look more realistic when placed around the outer edges of an image. This positioning mimics where a natural light leak would occur.

Light Leak Layers

Can’t decide between two or more Light Leak textures? Incorporate both of them into your image! To do this, apply your first Light Leak by clicking on the green check mark button. Then, choose your next Light Leak and select Apply. Continue to do this until you are happy with your layered light effect.

Using BeFunky

Pro Tip: Research traditional vintage photography online to gain a clearer idea of the aesthetic, as well as to get your own creative inspiration flowing!

Turn Up the Volume with Vintage Effects

BeFunky’s range of vintage effects go hand-in-hand with Light Leaks, giving you multiple options for creating a retro-inspired masterpiece, reminiscent of eras gone by. Some of these effects include Vintage Colors, Color Pinhole, Instant, Old Photo, and Pinhole. To access them, click on Effects in the main menu and scroll through the list.

How to use vintage effects with BeFunky

Pro Tip: Vintage effects can wash out Light Leaks. To avoid this, be careful not to turn the intensity of the effect too high.

Final Results

Take your photography back in time and easily enhance your vintage photography with Light Leaks!

Final results image using BeFunky

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