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5 Tips for Starting a Beauty Blog

By Melanie Doncas | Inspiration

If you love talking about beauty-related topics, then it’s only fitting that you would want to start a beauty blog. Before you begin though, you probably have a million questions swirling around in your head: How do you write a good beauty blog? Are beauty blogs profitable? How much do beauty bloggers make?

According to research, the average annual income for a Beauty Blogger in the United States is $44,062 a year. Top earners, however, are reporting incomes as high as $101,000. While it can take years of hard work and dedication to get to that level, it’s certainly not impossible. The trick, however, is knowing where to start.

Thankfully, we’ve rounded up our top 5 tips for starting a beauty blog to ensure you get off on the right foot. You don’t even need expensive tools or graphic design knowledge to create a stunning beauty blog either. All it takes is BeFunky’s creative suite, including our Photo Editor, Graphic Designer, and Collage Maker!

1. Gather Your Inspiration

Before you start your blog, you’ll need to gather as much inspiration as possible to help you determine your overall theme and aesthetic. This will act as a guide for your brand identity, including both your visual content and which beauty topics to talk about.

The best way to gather your inspiration is to create a mood board in the Collage Maker. Select your favorite Grid layout, then navigate to the Image Manager in the left-hand menu to start inserting your imagery. If you don’t already have your mood board images saved in your computer’s files, we recommend adding in images from BeFunky’s huge Stock Image Library.

inspo for beauty blog

2. Choose Your Blog Name and Create a Complementary Header

Next, you’ll want to brainstorm some beauty blog name ideas to see what takes your fancy. Your blog name should be succinct, memorable, and most importantly, unique. It’ll set you apart within the industry and act as your all-important brand name.

If you’re struggling for ideas, think of something that incorporates your name, or even a fun play on words to do with the beauty industry.

Once you’ve chosen your blog name, you can showcase it by creating a header for your blog. This will be displayed prominently at the top of your homepage, so it’s important that it looks great. You’ll also want it to be on-brand, so be sure to reference your mood board while designing it.

You also don’t need to design this blog header from scratch. The Graphic Designer is filled with relevant templates that you can simply tweak in any way you see fit. In the Templates Library, navigate to the Facebook Cover templates within the Social Media section. Although these are optimized for Facebook, their size can also be used on your blog, depending on the platform’s specifications.

If you need to resize the template to fit your own blog header’s dimensions, this is easy to do. Simply navigate to Customize in the main menu on the left, then type in your desired dimensions.


3. Use High-Quality Photos

To create a successful beauty blog, you’ll also need to create high-quality photos to accompany your beauty-related topics. Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn Photoshop or purchase any other expensive photo editing software. BeFunky’s Photo Editor is home to all the tools and tricks you need to create your best photos yet.

There are a number of essential features for photo editing, while the all-in-one Photo Enhancer perfects your photo in a single click.

By rapidly enhancing your photo editing workflow, you’ll have plenty more time for other important things, like planning your beauty content or engaging with your audience.

quality beauty blog photos

4. Consider Graphics to Complement Your Posts

Along with photos, you’ll also need other imagery to complement your blog content. This might include blog title images, step-by-step visuals, or even infographics to showcase your information in bite-sized pieces.

Each of these can help you improve your beauty blog’s marketing, especially as they can be shared across different platforms (like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and more) to advertise your blog content.

You’ll find all of the templates you need to create this additional imagery in the Blog Images section of the Template Library (located underneath Social Media).

Just remember to keep their design in line with your beauty blog’s aesthetic. You can also add your logo to them to further reinforce your branding.

imagery for beauty blog

5. Create a Cohesive Online Presence

When you start a beauty blog, you’ll also want to establish an online presence so your beauty content can reach a wider audience. The best way to do this is by setting up some social media profiles across the platforms your audience would spend the most time on, whether that’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or more.

However, one of the most important things when establishing this online presence is that it remains cohesive with your blog’s branding. This includes using the same colors, fonts, and general aesthetic across each platform. By doing so, you’re building your brand awareness and recognition. In other words, your audience should be able to tell that a piece of content is yours, even before they notice your username or logo.

The Graphic Designer has a wide range of social media templates, including for each platform. What’s most exciting, however, is the fact that you can resize any template to your required dimensions. This means you can quickly and easily turn a Facebook post image you created into one that’s perfectly resized for sharing on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest too. This will save you so much time!

cohesive beauty blog presence

Put Your Beauty Blog Ideas Into Action

Now that you know the top 5 tips for starting your own beauty blog, it’s time to bring your own vision to life! With consistent dedication, you too can go on to become a highly successful beauty blogger.

Put your best foot forward by using BeFunky’s wide range of tools and features to help you create your most stunning content yet. Go on, get started with your mood board to get the blogging ball rolling!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified