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Create Instagram-Worthy Photos For Your Brand

By Amy Rigsby | Inspiration

Instagram is a social media platform that's all about visual content—a trend which is definitely on the rise in 2016. While your feed can tell a story or even bring certain emotions to life for your viewers, it's ultimately all of these factors that come together to create the perfect opportunity to grow your brand awareness.

Are you a beauty blogger, makeup artist, or even a nail guru like myself? Then this post is ideal for you! Today, I'm sharing some top tips on how you can use your Instagram feed to grow your brand and it's all about the photos, darling. Here are a few tips on how to keep your branded photos at their most beautiful with the BeFunky Photo Editor.


Editing Your Photos

Making your photos pop on Instagram is a MUST! In a sea of photos, you need to help yours stand out among the rest. And since we know bright photos tend to outperform their less than stellar counterparts, it's more crucial than ever to adjust the brightness and increase color saturation of your photos like I've done below. Head to the Edit panel of the Photo Editor:

BeFunky Photo Editor edit image

1. Optimize Your Lighting

Adjust your lighting settings by increasing the highlights in your photo using the Exposure tool. Just play around with the sliders until you've reached your desired level of effect, and voila!

BeFunky Photo Editor adjust exposure

2. Play Around With Color

You can also select the Color tool in the Photo Editor to really make your colors stand out. Adjust the hue, saturation or even temperature here to keep consistent with your brand's guidelines and aesthetic.

BeFunky Photo Editor edit image

All I have to do is simply increase the saturation by a few notches before I can watch my photo really come to life! Be careful not to overdo it with the color, though: an over-saturated photo isn't exactly easy on the eyes, either.

BeFunky Photo Editor Color correction

3. Crop and Size Your Photos

BeFunky helps ensure your photos are the perfect size and shape for many different social media platforms. Instagram in particular showcases your photos in a perfect 1x1 square ratio, so to get the best look for your photo you'll want to choose the Crop tool in the Photo Editor to get the same shape for every upload. This ensures your online portfolio has a cohesive layout and look!

Choose from a basic 1x1 square ratio, the "Golden Ratio" or many more.

BeFunky Photo Editor Crop image square
BeFunky photo editor crop image

4. Consistency is Key

Instagram is a completely visual platform used by millions of people around the world. It's important to keep consistent when uploading your images so they don't get lost in the ever-continuing feed of photos. Posting 2-3 times a day helps to grow your following, keep your photos at the top of the feed, and increase your chances of brand awareness! You can even choose to implement an exact schedule which creates anticipation and expectation for your audience.

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Get started with your Instagram portfolio today!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified