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5 Tricks To Editing Your Engagement Photos

By BeFunky | Effects Showcase

Edit your engagement photos with these 5 tricks! Use BeFunky’s Photo Editor and Collage Maker to create some funky-fabulous engagement pictures!

1. Create your focal point

- Make sure your focal point is clear.

- Check the background space of your photo - Is it adding to the focal point or is it distracting from it? If it’s the latter then crop it out.

- Adjust the exposure levels.

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2. Fix The Blemishes


You don't need photoshop to remove items from your photos! In the above picture I removed the sidewalk and curb by cloning patches of the grass using the BeFunky clone feature.


3.  Frame it


Turn your photo into a realistic polaroid. Use one of the frames from the "instant" category and pair it with a fun font from the "handwritting" selection.


Play around with the different shapes in the frame selection.

4. Combine filters with text


Subtle filters and fonts are a great way to enhance a picture and create a memorable engagement announcement. In the above picture, I placed a texture (called bokeh2) over the image and used two different fonts to make the sentence pop.




GET FUNKY WITH IT. Try out wacky combinations of filters and fonts. Just have fun with your photo! To achieve the above effect I used the underpainting feature, adjusted the color to a cooler tone, used the light trail 5 texture, and added some colorful text.

And remember, someone just agreed to wake up to the smell of your morning breath til the day they die... and, that’s a pretty sweet thing of them to do.

Photo Editing. Simplified