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Your Daily Dose of Wanderlust: Adventures In Foodie France

By BeFunky | Inspiration

It’s no secret that I love to travel. From gazing up at the Great Pyramids of Giza to clubbing along the English seaside to jaunts to Berlin and beyond, I can’t get enough of the stuff. And because my schedule (read: access to wi-fi) is usually so hectic while I’m traveling, I rarely get the chance to snap anything beyond the most basic photo before running off to the next amazing thing.

Luckily, this trip was different for me because I had an all new, unfailingly reliable companions by my side at last: the BeFunky app and Collage Maker. Thanks to these little miracles, I can not only edit away to my heart’s content, creating photos each more dazzling than the last, but I can bust out quick collages that tell stories of my journeys abroad in no time at all. Here’s a few of my favorite foodie shots from my trip to France, edited with love by BeFunky:


My first experience at a boulangerie (bakery) in Provence. Have you ever seen someone look so happy?

Because I’m a shameless, foodie obsessed travel blogger, I had no reservations whatsoever (much to many people’s dismay) about snapping pics of every kind of food I can get my hands on. I used the BeFunky collage maker to whip up this ultimate shot, adding minor adjustments under Settings like spacing between the images, rounded corners and background color. Here’s the final product (try not to drool too much now):


The first stop on the trip was to a little village nearby called Malaucene, where they put on this AMAZING market where each vendor is more beautiful and luscious than the last. And while I was definitely sure to stock up on everything I could get my hands on—fresh garlic confit, sundried tomatoes, cheese and veg—there were definitely plenty of warm, family sit down dinners, too.


(The incredible woman on the far right, incidentally, is none other than Lydia Corbett, aka the subject of Picasso's famous "Girl With The Ponytail” series. MIND. BLOWN.)

One of my favorite photos was taken at a natural spring (location unknown...somewhere in a forest?), but unfortunately it was chock full of tourists, aka pesky children, everywhere:


Damn meddling kids.

But luckily, thanks to BeFunky’s epic Touch Up tools I was able to get rid of my unknown friend here by using the clone tool:


Just click in the spot that you want to use as your source point, adjust the brush size and hardness and go over the unwanted area:


Muahahaha! It’s just like magic!

There’s so much I wanted to share—these were only photos shot in the south of France, near Provence, so there’ll be plenty more to come—but for now boy oh boy am I glad for BeFunky. Real talk.

Got any vacation photos that need sprucing up? Time to get your creative on. Download the app for your newest and most reliable new travel buddy:


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