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2 Easy Ways To Blur Backgrounds In BeFunky

By Melanie Doncas | Basic Photo EditingPhoto Editor Tutorials

This might surprise you, but having blurry parts of your photo isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, a little blur can go a long way. Ever noticed how professional photographers love creating a blurred background effect? There’s good reason for that. Not only can blur create a desired focal point in your photo, it also helps you to control depth of field to produce images like those captured with an expensive camera lens.

BeFunky’s Photo Editor lets you blur images with ease, but knowing what tools to use and when can be the difference between producing a masterpiece or a mess. Thankfully, we’re about to make this a whole lot easier for you. Not only are we going to tell you why you should add blur to your images, but we’ll also share the secret recipe to achieving spot-on photos using Befunky’s Blur and Funky Focus (tilt-shift) tools. Hooray for that!




Tilt-Shift Effect vs. Blurring

There's a lot of reasons why you'd want to use a blur effect on your photos. We’re going to introduce you to the two most common uses: tilt-shift and background blur.

Firstly, what is the ‘tilt-shift’ effect? It’s a look that’s achieved when photographers use a large aperture lens, creating a shallow depth of field (a.k.a the perceived distance between a scene’s foreground and background). This effect sharply focuses on a certain element in the foreground, while blurring everything in the middleground and background to make them appear further away. 

blur background

Blur plays an important role in achieving the tilt-shift effect (remember how areas of the image must be blurred to create depth of field, a vital element in the tilt-shift effect?), but here’s the thing: being overzealous with the blur tool will create an entirely different effect.

background blur using BeFunky

Sure, there are times when you will need to blur your entire image. For example, when you want to overlay an image with a quote or business logo for social media, but want to remove hard lines and distracting detail to truly make these elements pop. However, if it’s the tilt-shift effect you’re after, the trick is to choose a focal point in your image. Subtle blurring around this point then adds dimension and creates the illusion of everything else fading into the distance.

Using The Blur Tool


Found the perfect photo to act as a backdrop to an inspiring quote for Instagram, but want your text to take centerstage? Simply use BeFunky’s Blur tool on your images to blur backgrounds, before adding-in your text, logo, or any other design elements you choose.

Additionally, you might want to create that perfect pin to showcase your latest blog post on Pinterest. While vertical images are key, so too is making your heading bold and eye-catching. To turn your photo into the perfect, non-distracting backdrop, just open your chosen image in BeFunky’s Photo Editor before selecting Blur and adjusting the slider to achieve your desired look. Too easy!

Using Funky Focus

For those wanting to create depth of field or a tilt-shift effect in a jiffy, the Funky Focus tool is just the thing! You’ll find it in the Edit menu of the Photo Editor, under the Blur & Smooth section. Not only does it come with some pretty nifty pre-made templates to help you take your focal point to a whole new level, but it also offers unique photo editing options to make your images look like they were taken with an expensive camera lens.

Funky Focus gives you the option to blur images using Radial mode (for a circular shaped blur) or Linear mode (perfect for when you want to blur background or other panes such as middle ground or foreground). You can select these options directly above the Blur Amount slider. They’re the first two symbols on the left.


Using these templates make it super simple to add depth of field. Here’s a quick tip: for shallow depth of field, select a narrow point of focus in your target. For deeper depth, simply widen your focal point. To do this, you adjust the target’s size by clicking on the blue circles and dragging them with your mouse inwards (to make smaller) or outwards (to make larger). You can also reposition the target so the area you want to remain completely in-focus is in the center of this shape. Your photo will then gradually fade out of focus from the point you selected. Creating that popular blur background effect has never been so easy!

Additionally, editing options such as Blur Amount and Opacity can be adjusted by sliding the toggle left and right until you achieve your desired look. You can also flip which parts of your image remain in-focus or blurred by clicking on the Reverse icon (it looks like two overlapping squares).


There you have it – the quick lowdown on how you can add blur to your images, mimic a tilt-shift effect, or create depth of field using our Blur and Funky Focus tools.




Want to learn even more about using these awesome tools? You’ll find extra information (including in-depth instructions) in our additional articles on using Blur and Funky FocusWho needs expensive cameras or lenses when BeFunky’s Photo Editor can help you achieve professional-looking photos with ease?

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