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How To Enhance Image Color With The Vibrance Tool

By Rach DePaoli | Basic Photo Editing Photo Editor Tutorials

Don’t you wish you could take pictures with your eyes? Taking pictures with a camera doesn’t do a scene justice sometimes. The vibrancy of the colors can become dull and just don’t look as spectacular as you once remember them being. This is where we depend on a good Photo Editor to come to the rescue.

When enhancing colors in a photo, it is tempting to increase the Saturation and call it a day. But too much of a good thing can quickly lead to oversaturation, causing the colors in your photo to look blown out, cartoonish, and unrealistic. Did you know that there is a smarter tool to use when you are needing an extra color boost?

how to enhance color in photos in BeFunky

Allow us to introduce you to your new color-boosting friend: BeFunky’s Vibrance tool! Not only will it make the colors in your image look more realistic, it’s so smart that it can pinpoint the areas of your image that actually need color correction and will leave well-saturated areas alone. That means you’ll get a well-balanced image with plenty of intriguing color - closer to what your eyes saw before you hit the capture button!

The Difference Between Saturation And Vibrance

Before BeFunky’s Vibrance tool came on the scene, your go-to for enhancing colors was most likely the Saturation slider. But what exactly does adjusting Saturation do for a photo?

Saturation simply means the intensity of color. The higher the Saturation, the more vivid the display of colors within your image. This can be good or bad, depending on how you use this tool. The good side of increasing saturation is that it will intensify the colors in your photo, making them pop. The bad side of increasing saturation is that it affects all of the colors in a photo, regardless of how saturated they already were to begin with. This means that if you have a photo with a lot of reds (i.e. a sunset photo, your friend’s skin tone, etc.) saturation can cause those colors to become overly saturated, even though the rest of the colors look balanced.

how to fix oversaturated images
how to enhance dull colors in an image



On the contrary, BeFunky’s Vibrance tool affects only the colors in your photo that appear less-saturated and muted. It’s smart sensing capabilities analyze the dull colors and increases their saturation to meet the hues in your photo that are already well-saturated. Think of it as a tool that balances and corrects the colors within your photo. Using Vibrance is a safe way to increase the color saturation of your photos without worrying about oversaturating.

how to correct color with BeFunky Vibrance tool
how to enhance dull colors in an image



The best thing about BeFunky’s Vibrance tool? It’s incredibly easy to use. After analyzing your image, you can harness it’s color boosting power by adjusting a single slider! And if you want even more control, you can easily use it in Paint Mode* to only focus selectively on areas of your photo. We’ll show you how it works!

How To Use BeFunky’s Vibrance Tool For Color Correction

Find an image that needs a bit of help in the color department and upload it into BeFunky’s Photo Editor by selecting the Open tab at the top of the page. For even faster uploading, simply drag-and-drop your image file into the interface and it will automatically appear. Select the Vibrance tool in the Edit panel on the left.   

BeFunky Vibrance tool

Using the slider, increase the Vibrance by moving the selector to the right. You can either click-and-drag the slider or use your right and left arrow keys to make smaller adjustments. It’s hard to oversaturate your colors with the Vibrance tool because it focuses on select colors in your image, but keep in mind that you are wanting your hues to look natural, so less is more here.

BeFunky photo enhancer Vibrance tool

If you feel that only a portion of your photo needs a pop of color, click on the Paint Mode* tab within the Vibrance tool interface. Click the Inverse button (the icon with two overlapping squares) to paint Vibrance onto areas of your image, then adjust the Brush Size and Brush Hardness. The Brush Strength can be adjusted after you’ve painted on the effect in case you want more Vibrance or less.

*Paint Mode is now Erase Mode. To get the same effect described above, go to Erase Mode, click the Invert Selection button, and select Keep. 

How to add color to photo in BeFunky

Final Results

See how the Vibrance tool enhances the colors in your image in just a few clicks? It makes for a more natural, balanced photo that’s closer to what your eyes see.

how to correct color with BeFunky Vibrance tool
how to enhance dull colors in an image



Vibrance is a professional-grade tool that will really step up your photo editing game, without the added frustration of having to learn something new. BeFunky takes care of the complex details, so you don’t have to worry about anything but being creative!

Photo Editing, Simplified.

Photo Editing. Simplified