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How to Add Depth & Dimension with a Texture Background

By Rach DePaoli | Advanced Photo Editing Inspiration Photo Editor Tutorials

Sometimes, all it takes to add dimension and intrigue to your images is getting creative with texture. That’s why BeFunky has an entire collection of Textures for adding to your photography in a single click! Whether you are looking to add bokeh, light leaks, brushstrokes, or even distressed Texture like scratches, BeFunky has you fully equipped to push your photos to the next level and add in some magical elements!

But what if instead of applying Texture to the entire image, you’d rather add Texture to only the background and make your subject stand out? The great news is, now you can! BeFunky’s new AI technology will automatically detect and isolate subjects in your photos, allowing you to create Texture backgrounds for your portraits, pet photos, product photography, and more – all in a single click! Not only will you add intrigue to your background, it’s an easy way to make your subject pop without spending tons of time and energy in the editing process. Truly a game-changer!  

Texture Background Inspiration

Each of the Textures in our online Photo Editor comes with its own Settings menu, which means you’ve got tons of options for customizing the way it looks on your image. Within each Settings menu, you now have the option to Isolate Subjects, making it super easy to apply the Texture to only the background (or only the subject if that’s your creative vision). Here are our favorite Texture background looks for your inspiration, and we’ll show you how to create them in the next section: 

Add Light Effects to Backgrounds

The Textures tab is home to some brilliant light effects like Light Leaks and Light Trails. Adding these light effects to your backgrounds is an easy way to add some interest and flare to your photos. 

how to add light leaks to photos in BeFunky
pet photography



Textures that incorporate light tend to warm up your photos, offering an ethereal and softened look to them. Perfect for portrait photography of many kinds! 

Create Beautiful Bokeh

Bokeh is a Texture that’s composed of clustered, diffused lights. It’s been a popular photography aesthetic for years and for good reason, as it adds some serious magic to your photos. 

how to add bokeh background in photo editor
portrait photography editing tips



In photography, bokeh can happen when you focus on your subject and blur light sources in the background or use a dedicated Bokeh lens. The cool thing is, you can get this look in post process by creating a Texture background with the Bokeh options in BeFunky!  

Make Backgrounds Look Distressed

Adding distressed Textures (like Grunge and Scratches) to your image background can really add interest and change the feel of your image in an instant. Just look at how it amplifies this solid colored background!

grunge texture background by BeFunky
portrait photo editing tips by Befunky



Whether you are going for a creepy distressed vibe or a pretty patterned vibe, these Textures are sure to twist your images into masterpieces.

Create Crafty Image Backgrounds

When you want to give your image a crafty look without applying an effect to the entire image, adding Textures from the Paint, Paper, and Fabric categories are a great idea! Think brushstroke backgrounds, crinkly paper, burlap Textures, and more. 

how to create texture background for food photography in BeFunky
food photography tips by BeFunky



Want to get ultra-creative? You can even layer your textures on top of one another to create dimension, rather than just using one at a time. 

How to Create Texture Backgrounds in BeFunky

Now that you’re inspired, head to BeFunky’s Photo Editor and upload a photo using the Open button at the top, or simply drag-and-drop an image into the interface. Keep in mind that using the Isolate Subject feature with our Textures works best on images with a strong subject, like a portrait, pet photo, or any image with an object that’s easily detectable as the main subject. Once you’ve got your image uploaded, click on the Textures tab (the bottom icon) in the menu on the left. 

texture background by BeFunky

Click on the different categories of Textures to browse through them and find the perfect one. You’ll be able to preview each Texture on your photo each time you select one. For our image, we’re going with the Bokeh 2 Texture (located in the Bokeh category). Before you click the green checkmark to apply the Texture, click on the Settings menu (the mixing board icon) on your Texture’s thumbnail. 

how to add bokeh to photo in BeFunky

To apply the Texture to only the background, click on the Erase tab in the Settings menu, then click the Isolate Subject button. This will allow our AI-powered technology to detect the subject in your image and only apply the effect to the background around it. 

Isolate Subject by BeFunky

After clicking the Isolate Subject button, a preview window will appear to show you what our AI technology detected as your subject. The red color (or “mask”) indicates the portion of your photo where the Texture will be applied. Although the umbrella in our image distorted the subject detection a tiny bit, it’s easy to use the brush settings in the Erase mode to add more detail in. We’ll show you that next but for now, click the blue checkmark to continue.

how to isolate subject in BeFunky

Since the umbrella in the image is meant to be see-through, we’ll keep it masked while using the brush settings in Erase mode to paint back the missing portion of the portrait. This way, the bokeh will be applied to everything around our portrait subject, including the umbrella, making the Texture look more uniform and realistic. 

Now that you’re back in Erase mode, select the Show/Hide Mask button in order to see the red mask appear again. Now, with the Remove option selected, erase the part of the photo where you don’t want the effect (in this case, a small portion of our subject’s head) by painting over those areas with your mouse. You can change the Brush Size, Hardness, and Strength in order to get as precise as you need in your photo. 

how to mask photo in BeFunky

Once you are finished, click the Adjust tab to see the Texture background and customize the way it looks. Each Texture will have its own options, but in this case, we can adjust the Opacity of the Bokeh, position of the orbs, and the Blend Mode. When it looks perfect, click the blue checkmark to apply it! 

texture background for photos in BeFunky

Feel like you need even more Texture going on in the background? With BeFunky, you’re able to layer Textures on top of one another to create a truly unique effect. To continue, select another Texture, click the Isolate Subject button in its Settings menu, customize the way it looks, and apply it. When you’re finished, be sure to click the Save button at the top of the Photo Editor to save your work. 

Final Results 

Pretty amazing, right? We love how this Bokeh makes the background come alive and adds tons of warmth to this portrait. 

how to add bokeh background to photos in BeFunky
woman with umbrella



You can get as creative as you want with Texture backgrounds or keep them looking seamless and natural. Whatever look you’re going for, we’ve got all the tools and technology you need to make it happen. Click the link below to start creating Texture backgrounds in just a few clicks! 

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