Texture Backgrounds to Transform Your Photos

Add a unique look and an element of character to your photos with a background texture

how to create texture backgrounds in photos

What is a Background Texture?

Texture is the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a subject. When you use a background texture on images and designs, you're adding a visual element that adds to your project's depth and perceived feeling. Adding a textured background can make your flat design stand out and look almost 3D or textures can be applied much more subtly to give the appearance of being printed on canvas, paper, metal, and more. With BeFunky's Photo Editor, you have total control over the amount of texture you add to your project!

Texture Backgrounds by BeFunky Photo Editor

Give Your Photos Character

Background textures can be anything from subtle embellishment to the centerpiece of your design. Whether you want to add a texture background to an image or a solid colored background, BeFunky has you covered. Create a ‘printed on canvas' look with our Fabric textures, add a vintage feel with some Scratches, or take your project to a new artistic level with our Paint textures. Whatever feel you're looking to accomplish, BeFunky has the perfect texture background for your project.

light leak texture backgrounds by BeFunky

Find the Perfect Texture

Rather than scouring the internet for the perfect texture background to complete your project, just look to BeFunky. Not only is there a sizeable collection of textures in our Photo Editor, but also from our Graphic Designer, where you have access to over a million free stock images and textures. A quick search for ‘texture', and thousands of results will be displayed right in BeFunky.

how to add texture background to photo

Create Intriguing Depth of Field

Adding a texture background helps highlight your subject and create amazing depth of field. With BeFunky, adding background texture doesn’t require advanced photo editing experience - all it takes is a single click! Whether you want to add a bokeh background, light leaks, or one of our Photo Effects, our tools are so smart they’ll automatically isolate the subject in your photo and apply texture behind it. Perfect for adding intrigue to portraits, product photography, and more! 

bokeh texture background by BeFunky
before texture background



How to Add a Texture Background

BeFunky's Photo Editor offers a myriad of background textures


With your photo open in the Photo Editor, select Textures


Choose your texture background


Adjust the opacity of the texture for your desired aesthetic


Apply your changes, then save your photo or continue editing

Texture Backgrounds by BeFunky